Gift of Love

While attending the Hawaii Writers Conference (not a bad place to start my book writing venture) a few years back, I was fortunate to experience the amazing talent of a guitarist/singer/songwriter….artist, named Makana. Deeply rooted in his native homeland of Hawaii, Makana sent notes soaring as fingers glided across his slack key guitar. I listened. I watched. And, I connected. His performance that day was more than just a stage show. It was blessed with spirituality and love.

I’ve since watched him perform at large arenas and intimate fundraisers for worthy causes, and have had conversations with him as well. His music blew me away the first moment I heard it, but his way with words captivates as well. One of his recent Facebook postings really caught my attention. Truthfully, I wish I’d written it. Alas, that wasn’t the case, so I did the next best thing: I got permission to share his thoughts on my blog. Read the paragraph below. Then, re-read it. And, take action if you are inspired.

Were you born to love or to hate? If to hate, then look inward, for your greatest enemy is but a reflection of your own self-resentment. But if you were born to love, then make no exceptions, for all appearances arise from but one Source. To love at all is to love All That Is. Love is not an act of validation; it is pure perception, free of mind. To be born to love is to be born to be free. If you want to be free, stop hating and start loving. – Makana

That beautiful statement not only impacts my role as an intuitive counselor (I’m very clear that I do what I do for positive, healthy, healing, progressive and loving reasons), but also as a human being. The message is clear: Love is love.

Translated, Makana means “gift.” Let’s all embrace the gift of love.

Love and light,


Makana sharing his gift of music


14 thoughts on “Gift of Love

  1. Rick

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing Tony and blessings to Makana for allowing you to share, do we have the blessings to share this with others, crediting him?

  2. Debi

    I love this Tony and I plan to share with my women’s professional group next month! What a fantastic quote to share with others! Thank you my dear sweet friend! You are all that and a bag of chips! XOXO

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