Into The Woods

“Have you ever heard of tree fairies, Tony?” a friend, who’s spiritually enlightened, asked a few days before I embarked on my mega road trip two weeks ago. I shook my head to answer no. Aware of my itinerary, he elaborated, “Shortly after you drive from California into Oregon, you’re going to be visited by spiritual presences who protect the woods.” And, it happened.

Prior to Memorial Weekend last month, I awakened inside a towering tree house in the Oregon firs. While contemplating my morning plans, I immediately received a psychic vision about touring the nearby caves. Secretly, I’d thought about spelunking, but hadn’t made any firm plans to do so. Receiving the intuitive message was a sign that I should be a caveman for the day!

Now, you have to understand, just because the map indicates it’s only 15 miles to Oregon Caves National Monument, doesn’t mean it’s a quick ride. With a max speed of 30 miles per hour, I drove the trustworthy car into a forest of giant evergreens up a twisted, narrow-shouldered, two-lane road, which led to my mid-morning destination. In addition to the underground mountain chambers, there was also a magnificent lodge, The Chateau, a National Historic Landmark, as well as miles of nature trails. While waiting for the next cave tour to begin, I opted to hike into the woods.

Mesmerized by the blissful, natural surroundings, I took a of snapshot of the forest. It wasn’t until I returned home in Palm Springs that a discovery was made about the photo I’d taken that morning. The picture (see below) had spiritual orbs displayed! While I’d seen orbs before in photos that were taken inside, this was the first time that I’d noticed them in an outdoor shot.

What a tree-mendous honor to be among such spiritual goodness and protection in the Oregon woods!

Love and light,


Spiritual orbs protecting the Oregon woods.

Spiritual orbs protecting the Oregon woods.






2 thoughts on “Into The Woods

  1. John Henry Martin


    This is simply divine! I want to tell you that I SO enjoy your little posts! I love the clarity, the honesty and the real organic joy in the tone you set. I did enjoy meeting you that summer, years ago now! The next awesome road trip you are on, if you find yourself in the Bay Area, please work in time for a dinner Chez Barefoot-Martin!


    John Henry

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey!Thank you so much! I really wish I could’ve stopped by and visited on this road trip, but I needed to be in Mendocino by a certain time (and barely made it there by nightfall). I hope to see you on my next trip that way. Take care!!

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