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While packing for an upcoming move, I discovered my treasure trove of old 45 rpm records, whose artists sound like a Who’s Who of jukebox royalty: Bowie, Joel, Streisand, Prince, KISS, Newton-John and Elvis, among others. Yet, one disc stood out: a Disneyland label recording of “It’s a Small World,” the theme park’s salute to around-the-world unity.

Perhaps, the oldest single in my vinyl collection, it was as a gift given to me by late grandmother, who said, “We are all in this world together.” I got what she meant back in the early ’70s and I still do today.

Different languages, cultures and backgrounds aren’t barriers to connect, instead, they’re invitations to learn and grow as human beings.

Social media has helped to broaden the scope of “It’s a Small World.” I enjoy having Facebook friends not only across the U.S., but also in Mexico, Greece, England, Tunisia, Germany, France, Cambodia, Belgium, Chile and the Philippines, among other countries. So what if I butcher an attempt to post a message in Portuguese to a pal in Brazil; he appreciated that I tried to communicate. I’d like to think that Friendship is a language that can transcend across borders and oceans.

Many years have passed since I played “It’s a Small World” on my turntable (yes, I still have one!), but its message is timeless: we are one.

Let’s all get into the groove!

Love and light,


"It's A Small World" keeps on spinning!

“It’s A Small World” keeps on spinning!



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