Care Givers

Less than a month ago, I received an intuitive vision of a plane releasing cargo into the sky. No missiles of destruction, the airdrops, I sensed, were care packages!

Introduced in 1945 after World War II, CARE packages were shipments of food and relief supplies to victims of war-torn Europe. Decades later, CARE evolved to provide hunger and poverty assistance on a global scale. Over time, people have crafted their own variations of care packages to share with others. During the last few weeks, my address has been showered with such acts of thoughtfulness!

Granted my birthday was earlier this month, my mother wowed me with a shipment containing, among other things, Harper Lee’s new book, Luzianne Tea (can’t find in California) and a homemade pound cake. Postage for the parcel was $43, perhaps because the yummy baked good alone contained three sticks of butter and six eggs! The next day, another delivery, this one from my sister and her wife, arrived, packed with unique cards and boxes of Goobers, my favorite movie time treat!

With help from friends, music and literature also made appearances. Musician George Skaroulis mailed me a copy of his new CD, Sanctuary 2, which has amazing original piano pieces. Another friend, Nick Lindholm, knowing how much I love film scores, surprised me with a rare movie soundtrack. A former corporate boss, Pat Fiorello, who’s now an artist offering beautiful paintings and art excursions all over the world, sent a handsome pictorial capturing the scenic gardens of Santa Barbara. How appropriate, as I’m planning a move to that city located along the central California coast.

True craftsmanship arrived at my doorstep too. James Troia, who creates and markets designer bath products at London Suds, treated me to his latest lavender scented soap. Moving from the shower to the kitchen, my countertop was the happy recipient of jars of homemade salsa, jelly and relish, thanks to my hometown friend, Terri Gibson.

Kindness, love and, yes, care manifested the intuitive insight I’d received of an aircraft dropping objects. And, it had nothing to do with bombs.

Yet, I was blown away!

Love and light,


A sampling of the goodies that arrived in recent care packages!

A sampling of the goodies that arrived in recent care packages!

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