In Memoriam – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Internationally known author, speaker and leader in the self-development realm, Dr. Wayne Dyer made his transition last week. He leaves behind a legacy of teachings and wisdom that have enhanced the libraries of our minds.

While he wrote more than 30 best-sellers, one of his most recent, Excuses Begone!, is one which made an impact with me. Often, I’ve recommended it to my psychic consultation clients (and others) who want to make the shift to a fuller life. The book explains, in great detail, how to eliminate excuses and generate a more positive flow. It’s a paradigm worth embracing and practicing.

In the final chapter, Dr. Dyer proposes seven basic questions regarding the paradigm. And, he offers seven simple, yet strong, answers. To entice you, I’d like to share those seven questions about “excuses.”

1) Is it true?

2) Where did the excuse come from?

3) What’s the payoff?

4) What would my life look like if I couldn’t use these excuses?

5) Can I create a rational reason to change?

6) Can I access universal cooperation in shedding old habits?

7) How do I continuously reinforce this new way of being?

Dr. Dyer made significant contributions to this planet. He obviously had no excuses.

Love and light,


Excuses Begone! is one of many best-sellers by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Excuses Begone! is one of many best-sellers by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.





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