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Once people realize how I make my living, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you do what you do?” When I tell inquirers that my answer to their string of do’s may sound a little odd perhaps, their next words are, “Do tell!”

What I do is perceive insights (that’s the psychic part) and receive messages (that’s the mediumship) from higher spiritual sources. At times, the two abilities merge or cross paths during consultations. And, I love when that happens, as it’s reinforcement to what’s being discussed.

Now, for the how I do it part. I’ve discovered that those with intuitive gifts are not all built to handle information the same exact way. For example, I know a lady who reads flower petals as a part of her practice. Others work with tea leaves, a personal item of a client, numbers, astrology, etc. Whatever approach chosen, it’s one that typically complements their interests and skill sets.

Personally, I have a creative and strategic mind, so I process information through a number of channels, one of which is visualization. Images – some as clear as mini-movies, while most are like charcoal drawings with movement – appear in my mind. I then download what I see and share it with clients. And, while this is taking place, energy’s being generated and circulated to advance the conversation in a direction that supports my intent: My work is for positive, healthly, healing and progressive reasons. Period.

Visual cues aren’t the only tools I use. I also hear, again in my mind, specific words, names or phrases relevant to a client. And, I’ve been known to smell certain odors (the first time the aroma of baked lasagna came to me during a session, my stomach actually growled!) that are linked with whom I’m speaking. And, then there are times when I feel messages, like I’m emotionally and/or physically connected to them. In addition, I interpret all of the input based on what I’m sensing for the client. Sometimes, even my own personal experiences play a role as well. Recently, the vision of a sycamore tree appeared during a client’s session, and I asked about her grandparents’ backyard, because my elders had a towering one that commanded their lot.

To some, this may appear as sensory overload. It can be, if one doesn’t master how to adjust the energy flow. Shut it down or even turn it up. I assume that’s true with any profession, whether your’e a doctor, designer or dancer, etc. Find the right balance to perform your best.

In many cases, after I’ve answered the “How do you do what you do?”, a person’s follow-up question is, “How do I book a session with you?” (well, see links below)

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    1. Tony Post author

      I get these questions all the time, so I just thought I’d starting putting the answers on my blog. I’m always asking questions too about other people’s line of work!

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