Ready or Not!

“Talent alone won’t make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: ‘Are your ready?'” Although its message is something I reinforce often with clients (and myself!), the quote isn’t one that I crafted. Ripped from a newspaper Features page, the three-sentence statement now has a prominent kitchen magnet spot on my Frigidaire.

Instead of using client examples, I’d like to share my own story as it relates to being ready. After my five-alarm spiritual awakening and subsequent discovery of my intuitive ability over four and a half years ago, I knew then to expect major shifts in my world. At the same time, I also sensed that I’d speak up in a big way about my spiritual experiences and gifts. Thus, the idea of my book was born right on the spot! Understand, I had those thoughts while still trying to find for myself the answers to the cardinal questions of my amazing experiences: who, what, when, why and how! Talk about taking a leap of faith!

To say that I was excited about my new direction and possibilities at that time would have been an understatement. Months later, I began outlining my memoir, although I had a feeling that its content would be adjusted based on my ongoing spiritual growth. I also dove into learning more about psychic and intuition skills, reading a plethora of books and attending various seminars and lectures – including those by noted experts like James Van Praagh, John Edward and Lisa Williams. I was also fortunate to have a mentor, Debi Magnes, owner of the Kentucky Center for Self Growth in Louisville, as she, having experienced years ago what I was going through, was a helpful navigator as I swam through uncharted waters. Activity was buzzing all over the place as I moved forward. Oh, and I still had my corporate gig at that time too!

I mentioned that I was excited, but I was also anxious. Anxious to start consulting. Anxious to publish my book. Anxious to share my experiences. However, was I ready? Was I ready to conduct sessions for others even though I was barely wet on the subject myself? Was I ready to have my memoir on the shelves when only a portion of the story had been captured? Was I ready to spill the beans with others at the risk of jeopardizing my corporate career (Imagine my bursting into a conference room: “Fellow employees, I have an announcement to make!”)? No, I wasn’t ready. However, I was ready to pursue my life’s new chapters.

What’s been happening since is that I’ve been moving steadily down three parallel developmental paths: my intuitive practice, book and connections. And, each is in concert with the other, like a fine-tuned orchestra preparing for a big crescendo. Eventually, all three paths will intersect for an optimum result. And, I’ll be ready.

Why many people tend to focus on the “when is it going to happen?” or “how much longer do I have to wait?” part of an ambitous goal. Have faith that the Universe will bring about opportunities and next steps when you’re ready.

Now, are you ready for this? Thank none other than The Great Carnac, aka Johnny Carson, for the inspiring message about “Are you ready?”

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  1. Beth

    Thanks Tony. I needed this one. I’m guilty of “how much longer do I have to wait” and “when is it going to happen”. I’ll work on that. Love you, V V

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