If I Were A Carpenter

Back in the 70s, the Carpenters were a Grammy-winning brother and sister musical act who carved out their own niche in the American pop songbook. Yet, in 1977 they took a bold turn and diverted from safe chart-toppers like “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Rainy Days and Mondays” and others, and recorded “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day).” Boasting one the longest titles ever, the spiritually avant garde tune’s lyrics made its focus clear: Communicate a message of peace with the rest of the Universe.

How does an individual communicate with something or somewhere that can’t be seen? Simple, with your mind and thoughts through prayer and meditation. As I’ve said before, everything is energy. And, energy thrives on vibrations (yep, just like electrical waves and transmitters and receivers). In the classic film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” director Steven Speilberg incorporated not only the power of thought, but also the connectivity of sound to reach out to aliens.

The Universe has a host of planets, some discovered and some yet to be, to which residents of Mother Earth can dispatch loving messages. We should start, however, by projecting those positive thoughts in our own backyard, literally. Then, expand to other regions of the country, the world and the Universe. “Calling Occupants” could easily be adapted to the healing needed at our home base.

As a teenager, I remember radio stations lampooning the Carpenters’ choice to record the song about spaceships and signs (originally recorded in 1976 by the band Klaatu), labeling it “out there” and “loopy.” Descriptors like those are still being tossed about in some circles, yet, the realization of positive telepathic thoughts’ impact in our lives can’t be ignored. The magnitude of peace and love encountered on any given day is proof.

Beaming messages from our minds and hearts to neighborhoods, locations and even galaxies far, far away isn’t far-fetched. It’s “Close to You.”

Love and light,





12 thoughts on “If I Were A Carpenter

  1. Vicki Morris

    Tony, Wonderful how things pop up when they are suppose to – just like your blog today and the fact that in the book I’m reading and participating in – “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne (the book is all about gratitude – saying Thank you)- for today’s practice is called – “The Magic Wand” – Today choose 3 people that either have a health issue, financal problems or are not happy – and if you have a picture of them hold that picture in your hand, close your eyes and for one minute wave that Magical Wand over them and say thank you for their health, or their abundance or their happiness. The more we can FEEL that gratitude the better when we send it to them, so it will help when you close your eyes and picture them coming to you and telling you of their healing or their abundance or happiness found.
    Anyway, the book is amazing – there is a differrent “Thank You” practice for 28 days. Life is sooooo much better when you include gratitude in your day – everyday!
    love you Tony and “thank you” for sharing your wonderful insights and living your life by your own design.

  2. Rick

    Energy is a powerful thing and peace for the planet is extremely important now as we enter into this next phase. I just received this email about: Be The Peace: a global meditation and prayer for peace.


    I just received this from a friend and then read your blog today….

    Thanks for spreading the word and let’s create peace within and spread it throughout the world and universe! You are truly an inspiration my friend!


  3. John Henry Martin


    What a spectacular thought.
    You write groundedly, like a rock.
    These energies that flow,
    From all that whose grow,
    Into relationships that are small and tight, like knots.


    PS: I am Christopher Barefoot’s partner. I remember fondly the dinner we had in Palm Springs a couple years ago. It was a good time.

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