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Meditation, the calming awareness of mind, body and soul, may require assistance to get started. After all, some find it challenging to shut out the day’s parade of non stop activity in order to focus inward. One way to develop a meditation practice is to incorporate soothing sounds that help your chakras (your body’s energy centers) emit and receive balanced and healthy vibrations. Here are a few musical suggestions that have worked for me!

Koi Au by Makana – I first heard this amazing musician/singer when I attended the Hawaii Writers Conference five and a half years ago. A master of the slack key guitar, Makana’s homage to his native music works wonders, especially when I’m surrounded by nature. Check out his website: makanamusic.com.

Sanctuary by George Skaroulis – It’s no surprise that this must-have CD was dedicated to massage therapists, reflexologists, natural healers and caregivers around the world, because all of his original piano compositions are rooted in peaceful connections. And, his interpretation of the traditional, Shenandoah, is a nurturing tribute to the homeland. Great news: Sanctuary II is coming out soon! Order now at georgeskouralis.com.

Velocity of Love by Suzanne Ciani – Synthesizers: love ’em or hate ’em. But, with her gentle offering, it’s easy to be won over with this charismatic blend that stirs the soul. Visit this Grammy nominee’s website at sevwave.com.

Antarctica by Vangelis – I’m a film score buff and Oscar winner Vangelis (Chariots of Fire) created the music for this documentary made in the ’80s. All tracks have a unique sound that encourage inner exploration. It’s also the perfect CD to create a seductive late-night vibe!

Let the music play!

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Mindful Music

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the music suggestions Tony. I love George Skaroulis’s music. You should check out John Serrie’s “And the Stars Go With You” and Amy Hayashi-Jones’s “Lifescapes: Relaxation for Women” albums. They are also great for relaxing to.


    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Dan! Thanks for reading the blog! And, George Skaroulis’ music is amazing. Can’t wait for his new CD. And, thanks, too, for the other suggestions; I’ll check them out!

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