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“Can I ask you a question?” is something I hear frequently from clients (and non-clients too) as it relates to my work as a psychic intuitive counselor. Below are answers to three queries that surface the most on my radar.

Is doing an in-person consultation better than one conducted over the phone? No. And, I don’t need to hold on to a person’s watch or a photograph either. Prior to a client’s hour session, I do a meditation alone, where much information comes to me. In essence, I’ve already started my job even before our interactive conversation. It’s all about working with the insights and energy made available. If there are spiritual messages around, I’ll pick them up – from either across the table or over the lines. By the way, I’d say 85 percent of my business is via the phone, as I have customers from all parts of the country – and Canada too!

Are you ever afraid of with what you might come In contact in your work? No. First of all, fear sucks. So, no time for that. And, I’ve been very clear from Day One of my intentions for my gift: use it for positive, healthy, healing, progressive reasons. Sure, bad and evil energy exists, but I don’t even entertain the notion of going there, much less attracting it into my fold.

Have you always had a psychic gift? If so, I wasn’t tuned in to it. I always just wrote things off as coincidence or luck. Easter five years ago, I had a major spiritual awakening, where I was made very much aware (thought a host of experiences) of my abilities. Now, of course, I can look back on my life and recall “knowing” that I’d work in a certain office tower or that I’d live in a specific neighborhood, etc. I also believe that everyone has psychic capabilities; however, some are more receptive and take the time to develop them (Believe me, work and commitment are required).

One more…How do I schedule a session with you? That’s easy. Just send an email at tony@tony-morris.com or give me a buzz at 760-699-5837. Check out my website for rates and more info too.

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