Have you ever had one of those days when computer or cellphone glitches make you want to hurl the device out of the nearest window? Oh, and followed by few choice words? Yesterday, technology tried to push my buttons, but I managed to get the upper hand!

First, I awoke to discover my desktop computer had become riddled with problems after having reset a password (don’t you just love keeping up with a six or seven codes?). By noon, the snafus weren’t resolved, so I met a friend for lunch. Perfect; as it was the break I needed in order to revisit the situation with a fresh mind. And, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the Universe was telling me that it’s time for a new machine. After all, I’d had that computer for more than five years and had already been thinking about replacing it. While the issues were inconveniences, they gave me the nudge to explore new options.

Then, came the cable! For whatever reason, my TV failed to receive a signal from its service provider. After troubleshooting for nearly two hours, which involved rebooting boxes, changing out cords and nearly electrocuting myself, there was still no fix. Meanwhile, there was a documentary that I’d been putting off watching. So, last night, with the boob tube on hiatus, I switched over to the DVD player and viewed the film. Great use of my time and energy (and, not once did I think about the outage). Today, I’m calling the cable company, though!

Finally, the iPhone decided to play tricks as well by not receiving my emails. After changing passwords, tweaking settings and powering off and on a few times, I discovered that the server was down. At that point, I stopped my mission. Other experts were surely working on a problem that impacted the masses. This morning, the phone’s back to normal.

Adjusting our mental and emotional reactions to situations such as these can sometimes be challenging. Whenever we sense we’re slipping off into a direction that’s not empowering and/or destructive, consider another angle from which to examine what’s happening.

Yesterday’s technology trauma came and went. And, I kept telling myself that it could’ve been a lot worse: I could have been Anthony Weiner!

Love and light,



4 thoughts on “Tech-NOT-ology

  1. Bill Lewallen

    We’ve all had tech-NOT-ology days and my last one resulted in a fried 27″ Apple Cinema display, a 2TB hard drive, and several other unspeakable occurrences. I think some Spirits use electronic communication to get our attention. A few morning ago a dear friend received a text message signal at 3am and there was no text message. At the exact time, my phone rang twice and when I picked up there was no one on the line. I’m happy that you were able to find humor during this challenge. Yes, imagine being poor Anthony Weiner and not being able to share your machismo with adoring fans!

    1. Tony Post author

      Bill….so true,,,,spirits do communicate with us through electronic energy and vibrations. And, mine were working overtime yesterday!

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