Energy On Tap

Everyone has tools of the trade for their jobs. In my profession, however, mine aren’t tangible objects.

When conducting an intuitive consultation, I tap into two forms of spiritual energies. One is used for psychic gifts, as I open myself to perceive insights for the future (or the present and past – since time is all-in-one on higher vibrational planes). The other is utilized for mediumship, when I receive information clearly coming from another spiritual soul (such as a loved one whom has transitioned).

While the two energy forms may have some similarities (originating from another dimension), they impact me and what I do very differently. For example, psychic energy is more about providing information that will help a client make stronger decisions about his or her life path. Moreover, it’s not just the content, but it’s how I present the content that will best assist in a customer’s process. Basically, I share what I’m picking up, but the client makes all the choices.

Now, when another spiritual entity has messages to relay to a client, then I become a conduit, thus allowing myself to not only communicate on behalf of another source, but to possibly even take on emotions and other experiences which clearly are not mine. During some medium sessions, I’ve often used a specific language style, laughed, smiled and even teared up (not from sadness, but from joy that a connection was made). And, there have been times when I’ve had to set up a “parking lot,” because multiple spirits have wanted to come through with messages. I call it my “take a number, and I’ll be with you in a second,” arrangement. As you can tell, mediumship can often be more involved.

When all is said and done, however, it’s all about energy. Connecting and communicating. And, occasionally, a little song and dance (if the spirit moves me).

Love and light,


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