“Do you mind answering a question for me about your work?” read the email from an eventual psychic-intuitive consultation client. That’s often how my budding relationships with first-timers begin. Helping people feel comfortable before we start a discussion is key. Here are a few recent questions clients have asked before they decided to book a session with me:

“Would you tell me bad news if you sensed it?” – Well, first of all, I make it very clear that whatever insights I relate are meant to advance one’s journey in life. Not hinder it. So, if I receive visions and messages about what some might traditionally label “bad news” (i.e. doomed relationships, health concerns, etc.), I share my knowledge in a manner that hopefully will better prepare clients to be aware and to make smart decisions. And, ultimately, move forward.

“What do God and Jesus have to do with your work?” – I believe that my psychic-medium ability is a God-given gift (for which I am thankful), but it’s my choice to embrace, develop and share. (Just like someone who has a talent for singing, or manufacturing, teaching, cooking, etc.) And, my services aren’t exclusive to one religion, race or origin (I loved doing a recent session for a Chilean client with the aid of a Spanish translator!). My work is universal.

“Have you ever turned down working with a client?” – Not yet. As long as there is mutual respect and concern, then there’s never a need to go there. If anything, I get a tremendous amount of business from referrals!

“Can I trust you if I tell you something personal?” – One of the first things that’s established in my private psychic intuitive consultations is that everything is confidential. And, I’ve covered a lot of territory! Anytime, I’ve ever used an example or testimonial, it’s only because a client has given permission to do so. Even, then, only the key learning is extracted.

Now, I’ve got a question of my own: Is my blog helpful or interesting? Always, feel free to send any feedback (and questions too!) my way.

Love and light,





6 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. Marcus Wade

    Thanks Tony. I love reading your blog posts each week. They’re both instructive and entertaining. Sometimes I just “skim” while other times I reflect on the lessons learned. But I always get something from your posts -so please keep ’em coming!

  2. Nancy Polley

    Madeline and I both look forward to and enjoy your insighful and entertaining posts. Not only are you open to people of nationality but age doesn’t matter either. You have truly helped opened up Madeline’s awareness level and it has given her a lot of satisfaction and comfort. Keep sending your posts please!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Nancy and dear Madeline – thanks so much for your words. And, just know that I get much inspiration and learnings from people like you as well. Take care.

  3. Tammy Lopez

    Yes your post and help for me was extreme insightful. It helped me to feel at ease about a troubling situation. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. I love you.

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