Love Matters Most

When we least expect, love can sweep in and save us. Nearly six years ago, while I was experiencing a non-stop battery of emotional, physical and mental challenges during my mind-blowing spiritual awakening, love came to my rescue. Here’s what happened:

During a week-long vacation in Palm Springs at the time, I was introduced to the world of psychic-medium intelligence in a variety of ways, to include mental visions and spiritual entity visits. Freaky and fascinating, to the say the least. Only I was aware of my situation, as I chose to keep details of all my chaos quiet. Day after day, night after night, supernatural moments brought me to a deeper understanding – and sometimes, misunderstanding – of what other dimensions existed besides the one inhabited by our physical bodies. As stressful and unexplained as these activities were, I stayed committed to learning, because I knew the series of events had to be happening for a reason. A reason, I sensed, that would be revealed in due time.

Then, came the moment on the final evening of vacation where I’d reached the limit on what I could handle. It’s almost impossible to describe the anguish and fear that pushed me to the brink. In bed, I grabbed one of the pillows and started punching it like a prizefighter. As feathers flew into the air, I screamed, “I don’t know what it is going on! I don’t know if I can take this any longer! I this a crazy nightmare? What’s happening to me?” The scene continued until I exhausted myself.

My tantrum stopped. The room, in turn, became pastoral, with the only disturbance coming from my own body’s twisted reactions. Quivering and crying, I saw a large glowing light that became brighter and drew itself closer to me. As it neared, my body sensed that there was love around. It felt like I was in the midst of an ethereal blanket of love. Maternal? Paternal? Unconditional? It was hard to describe exactly what kind of love. It just felt like love was present, and I could feel my own heart expand with gratitude and peace.

With my face painted in tears, I whispered, “Love matters most.” I repeated the three words again and again and again. The three words came out of my mouth like a magic spell had been cast over me. Why was I saying that exact phrase? Each time I said the words, however, the calmer I became. Next, my body stopped flinching and succumbed into the mattress, as I repeated, “Love matters most.” The unexplained love surrounding me had made everything all right. And, to this day, still does.

Cards, candy and other celebrated fashion are thoughtful sentiments. But, as we acknowledge Valentine’s Day, remember: Love matters most.

Love and light,



16 thoughts on “Love Matters Most

  1. Laurence Magnes

    Tony, you had what’s called a “peak experience.” It’s a gift and a rare one at that. Maybe 2% of the population, at best, go through one. From chaos to complete serenity and clarity with a suddenly new and widened perspective. It’s very spiritual and for many it’s a pivot point on which they rechart the direction of their lives.

  2. Kim

    Most certainly, my friend, all we need is love. It has seemed so simple to me all my life and I try to remain childlike when it comes to the experience of love. I’m jaded and bitter at times, then have a little chat with myself and return to love. You’ve always been a love to me. I hope I have to you.

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