State of The Union

I’m not diving into politics, but last night’s Presidential State of the Union address reminded me that each of us can benefit from our own review of what’s working and what’s not working as well as we’d like. Then, develop a course of action for improvement. Think of the task as embracing your Commander in Chief duties!

Whenever my psychic-intuitive clients contact me for guidance and insights, I feel that it’s essential for them to recognize the good that’s already established. Many times, that goes unnoticed because so much energy is focused on the negative aspects in their lives. I’d suggest the same approach when conducting your personal assessment. Write down your accomplishments, skills and attributes. Consider ways to expand in those areas. After all, those are your strong points!

Let’s talk about the areas that aren’t excelling, which range from attracting more financial prosperity to getting into better physical shape. It’s great to have goals, but don’t omit having an optimal mindset. Some of my clients want to repeatedly blame themselves for their less-than-desirable scenarios. Understand, there is a difference between owning up to something versus beating yourself up! If dwelled upon, the latter action can harm the advance of positive change.

After acknowledging areas you want to strengthen or modify, create action steps to launch the momentum, and keep it going. For example, if you’re aspiring for the next-level management job, start now with a plan. Visualize the opportunity. Polish the resume. Increase your knowledge with books or classes. Update your wardrobe to reflect the position (this doesn’t mean go bonkers with credit cards). And, feel comfortable to get assistance, if desired, from a career coach, mentor or, yes, even a psychic-intuitive counselor like me.

Is it time for your State of the You-nion?

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