The Night The Lights Went Out

Despite Palm Springs’ utility service provider shutting off electricity for upgrade installations one night last month, I still had a power surge via an out-of-body experience (OBE). While it wasn’t my first OBE, this turn was quite a ride! Here’s the recap:

I’d been reading The Secret of the Soul, a bestseller that thoroughly covers OBEs, astral travel and spiritual dimensions. Written by William Buhlman, the book is chock-full of case studies, exploration techniques and historical background. I couldn’t put it down; yet, only read a couple of chapters a day so I could absorb the information. You might say that I was extra-primed for what happened the night the lights went out!

In the pitch dark and with no humidifier humming, I slept peacefully until I awakened a few hours later. I kept my eyes closed and then, almost immediately, my physical being vibrated with intense energy (imagine the interior and exterior of your body hooked up to a transformer). This incredible release from my chakras (the body’s seven key energy points) has happened to me many times before, with the first being six years ago and I freaked out! No longer fearful, I now understand the purpose as it relates to spiritual exploration.

After the jolt, I heard buzzing (another pre-OBE occurrence) in my head. And, then it happened. I literally sensed my inner self lifting out of my body. This wasn’t a dream; for again, I was awake, yet, very calm. Through my own prior experiences and from reading the latest book, I knew that my mind had a choice to make: go with the flow or snap back into my physical body. Willingly, I stayed with it.

Within seconds, my spiritual self glided out of my bedroom and to a distant, familiar street: the one on which my childhood home resided. My mind, which provides input to the OBE, registered the hometown locale. My higher being saw the paved road and an old railroad crossing, which now looked far different than when I was a child riding my bike over its bumps and crevices. Once I realized where I was in my OBE, I mentally thought, “Take me to downtown,” thinking it might be fun to see the revitalization of Main Street. I went elsewhere.

Instead, my spiritual body whizzed through space and time like it was on a high-speed magic carpet. Soaring, I saw bright lights flash by and felt the breeze of a non-threatening wind machine. Eventually, the motion slowed. I found myself floating gently behind what appeared to be larger than life-size cutout letters from the alphabet. Where was I?

Then, I glided around and faced the front of the enormous individual letters, getting so close that I could nearly touch them with my hands. As my body started to drift away from the towering images, I discovered my location: the famous HOLLYWOOD sign! Happy and joyous, I knew what the OBE represented! It meant that I could follow my destiny from Enterprise, Alabama to Los Angeles if that was my true desire. The moment felt very real. And, that’s when I retreated back to my physical body.

From my bed, I opened my eyes into the quiet darkness of the room. I couldn’t see anything. That was fine; I’d seen plenty moments before!

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “The Night The Lights Went Out

  1. Beth

    Goose bumps Tony!! Awesome!! I want to do that! Go back and see my childhood home and street and then maybe drop by Kansas to see Heath, etc….
    Thanks Tony. Love, V V

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