Psychic Buffet

Who’s hungry? While far from a great cook, I have, during my psychic medium client consultations, intuitively concocted a practical smorgasbord, encountering everything from stroganoff to strudel! And, there are always reasons behind the food buffets that are served up.

Visions, and even smells, have come to me on behalf of clients. Specific foods can relate to a certain event, place or person and serve as a port of entry, spiritually speaking, for more profound discussions.

For example, last week, one consultation was especially, uh, tasty! During meditation, I smelled the faint aromas of cinnamon and vanilla, a true euphoric mix for the nostrils. When I asked the client about the two ingredients, he replied, “Yes, those scents were always present when my late grandmother baked her homemade cookies.”

Her spirit then made contact with me to reveal a cookie jar. I shared the vision with my client. “Wow!” he exclaimed over the phone. “I have her old cookie jar in my house!”

As the session progressed, I continued to bring more menu related insights to the table: pasta sauce, cranberry relish and potato pancakes, to name a few. I asked my client why was I receiving so many food insights? His answer brought the discussion full circle: “I’ve been thinking about putting together a cookbook of my grandmother’s old recipes and giving copies to family next Christmas!”

All of these savory cuisines make me wish I wasn’t such a kitchen klutz! There are, however, those rare occasions when I do whip up something surprising, like last night’s ambitious stir-fry.

Seems I took a wok on the wild side!

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