Leap Of Faith

A leap of faith has little to do with one’s legs; it’s much more associated with the mind. Ironically, however, it’s the mind that often trips us up when we yearn for growth.

Why is that? During my psychic intuitive consultations, I’ve shared spiritual insights that are aligned with clients’ desires. Yet, even then, there have been moments during sessions when folks vocalize why they don’t pursue their goals.

The reasons vary: “No time to spare,” “Too old,” “Too young,” “I’d just get turned down anyway,” “People would laugh at me,” or, this one, “I’m afraid.”

Fear is not only the big elephant standing in our way, it’s a contributor to countless other excuses. Fear is conjured by the mind. However, we can learn to dismiss negative thoughts and employ a reverse tactic by encouraging the mind to generate positive vibes. Think about it; why would we allow the mind to rob us of opportunities for self expansion, when the body’s crown jewel can just as well be our champion? When that happens, we tend to succeed, grow, shine, and, yes, love more.

Fulfilling aspirations requires patience, work and a belief. Nonetheless, the journeys can be life-changing. Even the mind will get a kick out of the results!

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A leap of faith has more to do with the mind than with the legs!

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