Year-End Q & A

“Where do you get your inspiration for the incredible paintings you do?” “What’s the trickiest part of managing a hotel?” “What’s the greatest reward about being a teacher?”

I’ve asked my share of questions about others’ career choices, because I’m fascinated by their work. As a psychic medium, I receive a considerable number of inquiries as well. Here are a few from my mailbag.

Is there a particular time of year that’s best to have a psychic consultation? While there are certain energies associated with climate and lunar cycles, I don’t think they dictate when to schedule a session. Most of my clients just know when the time is right. However, I do book a considerable number of readings during the final weeks of December, as people tend to want insights for the coming year. Some clients also book appointments on their birthdays.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Yes. The most memorable sighting was of my late grandfather, whose spiritual form was standing alongside a darkened highway around midnight. Dressed in overalls, his favorites and also the clothes in which he was buried, the presence captured my attention as I drove past it. By the way, my mother, who was riding in the passenger seat at the time, saw the image too.

Do you ever receive insights about celebrities? Yes. I don’t always get the name of the person; at times, I receive information about a famous personality connected to a particular area. For example: Recently, I’ve been mentally shown that a well-known basketball player will go to jail regarding an incident involving a woman.

How do you date? Do you tap into your intuition every time you meet a guy and do you veto one after another based on what energies you pick up from them? A date? Never heard of such a thing! LOL! Seriously, whether it’s dating or meeting potential new friends, energies are emitted. And, a person doesn’t have to be psychic to pick up on the vibes. The important thing is to allow oneself to enjoy the interaction versus always analyzing every word spoken or action taken. If a connection is to be made, it deserves an honest chance.

After the last question, maybe, I should be paging Yenta the Matchmaker!

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6 thoughts on “Year-End Q & A

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Trent! Thanks for your question. I’ve read dozens of books during the last 5 years. I’ve written about some in my blogs: check out Page Turners from Jan. 2014 Archives, Shelf Life from Nov. 2012 Archives and The Man from Kentucky from July 2014 Archives (On the blog page, you can select from the Archives). Also, noted psychic Lisa Williams has published books that provide coaching as well. Have a great holiday season.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Colby! I’d say 85 percent of my consultations are done over the phone, as I have clients all over the country. (You’re too cute to recruit a matchmaker; candidates will flock to you).

  1. Vicki

    Do the energies that communicate with you carry emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, joyful, etc.? OR do you just pick up the message they are providing to you to share?

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Vicki – What a great question! When I receive medium energy (vs. psychic), it is coming from another spiritual source. And, so when that happens, I, as the receiver, have been known to take on the emotion of the message. Typically, it is jubilant, joyful, funny, direct. Never encountered an angry vibe. At times, these sessions can be draining, so I always go for a walk or do some light exercise afterwards. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. xoxo

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