The Last Picture Show

Single-screen movie theaters are icons worthy of their own star billing. While today’s cineplexes boast state-of-the-art sound and stadium seating, the older odeons house nostalgia and sometimes even spiritual guardians.

Undoubtedly, I’m not the only fans of single-screens, as more of these treasures have been preserved, like the Co-Ed Cinema in Brevard, NC or The Rustic Theatre in Idyllwild, CA. There are bonuses at some showplaces, such as The Colonial in Phoenixville, PA, where “The Blob” oozed through air vents in the classic horror film. Historical and trivia factoids alone make going to see a film at these locations a memorable treat.

Like I tell some of my psychic consultation clients, it’s not just what you want to visualize for yourself, it’s how you visualize. For example, see yourself in the job for which you’ve applied and see the process – to include the environment you create – unfold in ways that allow for more self discovery. Meaning, if you see it as a life experience versus just getting a position, then you can bet on getting a bigger return!

Thus, is true with going to the picture show. Watching the images flicker on the screen is one aspect of the experience. The added attraction can also be the venue, such as a famous theatre. A few years ago, after admiring the celebrity feet imprints in concrete in the courtyard of Hollywood’s legendary Chinese Theatre,* I finally got see a movie at the elaborate locale.

Appropriately, it was “Chinatown.”

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*Technically, there are additional theatres adjacent to the original Chinese Theatre.

The box-office at the Co-Ed Cinema in Brevard, NC

The box-office at the Co-Ed Cinema in Brevard, NC


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