5th Grade Revisited

Words of wisdom go a long way. For me, they have an impact on my growth and learnings as a human being. Whether being exposed to knowledge from business co-workers or from spiritual, new-thought leaders, I’ve considered each opportunity as another way to expand my horizons.

Some pearls of wisdom have their genesis born in childhood, such as a poem my fifth grade teacher gave (glued atop green construction paper) to her students as we received our final report cards in 1973. Last week, a friend, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, and I reflected on her prose (he knew it by heart, line-by-line) and how it inspired us to pursue our interests. Here’s the poem (albeit, the green construction paper now somewhat faded), which I’ve had posted to my office and home bulletin boards for several decades.

















More than 40 years later, this educator’s thoughts still resonate with me, perhaps stronger than ever. When I made the decision to switch careers to become a psychic medium after 25-plus years in corporate America, I remembered this poem and its positive influence.

I’d say, fifth grade was a pretty good year.

Love and light,








8 thoughts on “5th Grade Revisited

  1. Bill Lewallen

    You and your classmates were blessed to have such an inspirational and devoted teacher at such an early age. It’s amazing that her lovely poem survived all these years; it was meant to be. Thanks for sharing this touching story.

  2. Robert McCormack

    Mrs. Ware was an awesome fifth grade teacher! How blessed your class was to have her as their teacher. My third and fourth grade, Mrs. Lucille Von Pechy, (both grades in the same room) also had a life long effect on us.

  3. Kim Grubbs

    You have inspired me to contact every teacher that I can and thank them for the MANY tools they gave me that have served me all my life. My 6th grade teacher, in particular, tended to me during one of the worst years of my life, in ways that were much above her responsibility. I’ve thanked her once, but I want her to hear it again.
    Love you, Tony

    1. Tony Post author

      Honey! You and I know that our teachers/mentors in any fashion make an impact. I’ve been fortunate to have had a long list – as I’m sure you have too – of those who have made a difference in my life! xoxo

  4. Lisa

    This is lovely. It made my day! A wonderful reminder that we never know the impact or influence we have on others. Thanks for sharing!

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