Why I Decided To Blog

About three months ago, I received visions and emotional feelings about inner-city, minority boys who were being abused. To be specific, sexually abused. While I never “saw” anything sexually graphic, I did see and feel the pain, shame and confusion on these disturbed children’s faces that conveyed the nature of what had taken place. My first reaction: Why am I receiving this? Followed by: What am I supposed to do with this?

A few weeks later, the Penn State scandal, which allegedly involved a senior coach and his sexual abuse of boys, was exposed. While the alleged victims are now young adults, their childhood memories still haunted them. Shortly after that alarming story sent shock waves across the nation, another sexual child abuse case made headlines, this time allegedly involving a coach at Syracuse University. Then, came the arrest  of an Oklahoma elementary school teacher who allegedly videotaped some of her girl students wearing underwear in provocative poses. A pattern of alleged high-profile abuse was emerging, which started with the thunderbolt that rocked Penn State.

After hearing about these accounts (all within weeks after my visions), and talking with another intuitive friend, I unlocked the answers to the questions I had asked myself. Answers that led me to choices I made. I was being shown those images and feeling those emotions so I could share them, not keep them to myself. After all, I had made it clear to the Universe that I would use my gift to help others and help heal the planet. And, about three months ago my gift brought a major social issue – sexual child abuse – to my attention. What good would my holding back those strong messages do? None, whatsoever. Therefore, I decided early last month that in addition to my doing my private intuitive consultations, I would go public with messages that I sensed were intended for mass audiences. Thus, a blog was born. And, there will be other outlets as well. For now, my online vehicle will serve as a way to offer information on wide-scale topics, including social concerns, spirituality, guidance, intuition and others.

Back to the current issue at hand: child abuse, and specifically the Penn State case. Another coach has since come forth and testified to witnessing inappropriate behavior that happened years ago between the accused and a minor. His delayed actions should make us all stop and think. Why wait? If any of us is witness to or is aware of potential dangers that could lead to child abuse on any level, report it immediately. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a hot-line and is an information resource center. The organization reports these facts that can’t be ignored: one in five girls and one in ten boys are sexually abused before they reach adult age.

By being alert to suspicious activities and taking prompt action, we can help decrease those upsetting statistics. Or, better yet, erase them altogether.

Love and light,



8 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Blog

  1. Dani Gibson

    Tony, I agree more has to be done to stop the sexual abuse of children and abuse in general. I am disgusted that someone would witness something SO wrong and not do everything in their power to stop it! They are just as guilty as the abuser. The scars of abuse sometimes never leave a person. We must all walk with our eyes wide open and report anything suspicious.

  2. Dixie

    Right on! We are given gifts to use for the higher good of ourselves and for others and you are living proof of that. Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us so that we can learn from them. Your blogs are great!

    Healthy New Year!

  3. Becky Brock Wiggins

    Tony, you were an ‘old soul’ in child’s body when I taught you in elem. school. I am so proud of you and your success. You have always been a good friend to so many. I am sorry I missed you at Christmas. Please let me know when you are ‘down south’ again.

    1. Tony Post author

      A teacher is one of the most special gifts we have…thank you for being the best 6th grade teacher ever!..And, thank you reading and commenting.

  4. Jason Press

    A big issue that we should all be more aware of. Thanks for the shout out to the NCEMC. Lou Bivoni (and of course, John Walsh) have done a phenomenal job building an organization that helps inform and heal our community while compiling evidence for law enforcement to prosecute those responsible for these heinous crimes.

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