Happy Talk

What does a penguin, cotton candy and Ole Miss football have in common? No, they’re not answers for the crossword in today’s newspaper.

These three, very different, subjects, which came to me in images or words, represent “happy places,” or thoughts, for a few of my intuitive consultation clients. I know this, because I asked each of them the question: “What does (insert image here) mean to you?” And, they   replied it was something that made them feel good and smile. Yet, I wasn’t buying that my clients were bubbling over with joy at the time of our phone sessions, as I sensed they had issues that had taken the winds out of their sails.

When these two contrasting sides arise, I propose, “Let’s talk about how we can attract things and/or erase barriers in your life, so (insert image here, i.e., happiness) will be more prevalent.” Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the importance of experiencing all emotions. It’s part of our human conditioning to be able to comprehend the gamut of moods from happy to sad. But, experiencing a sad emotion is far different than languishing in one. To me, any acknowledgement of happiness is a good step in getting out of the gloom pool. It’s not the cure-all (diagnosed depression should be treated by a medical professional), but by registering a happy thought – be it a black and white bird, a cloud-like carnival treat or classic gridiron action – it can help lead one to happier trails.

I actually practice this exercise whenever negative energy sneaks into my life. For me, I think of songs that make me smile. And, I’ve got an entire jukebox (or iPod) in my brain. When I was kid and feeling blue, I’d think of (now, don’t laugh) the theme song to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” (alright, go ahead and laugh). Lately, I’ll think of a tune from the new film, “The Muppets” (okay, laugh again!) Speaking of movies, comedies will often do the trick to ease me out of a temporary blah situation. Among my hoot-fest flicks are “Auntie Mame,” “Bullets Over Broadway” and “What’s Up, Doc?”

We all have our own sweet spots and it’s up to us to allow them to help us manifest what we want in our lives. Next week, I’ll probably pick up more happy images and thoughts from clients: Disneyland? Fried okra? Mt. Rushmore?…to be continued!


7 thoughts on “Happy Talk

  1. Terry

    “… love is all around no need to waste it — you can have the town why don’t you take it? You might just make it after all!” LOVE IT! One of my all time favorities too, Tony!!

    1. Tony Post author

      Now, aren’t those lyrics (and the image of Mary rolling her eyes as she tosses that steak into her grocery buggy…cart) just the perfect pick-me-up? Thanks for reading!!!

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