Excess Baggage

Frequently during intuitive consultations, I will pick up on a client’s mental conflict about an issue, such as romance, finance and friendship. And, in most cases, it involves another person.

When these types of sessions happen, I immediately recall my own situation that involved a co-worker and how it created a thorn in my daily work routine. Years ago in corporate America, I felt betrayed by a fellow employee, (someone whom I hired and trained). I don’t mean to break out my violin, but this particular scenario ticked me off because I was blindsided. After all, the co-worker wasn’t an identified corporate foe; I assumed we were friends. Well, damn friendship! After I pulled myself up from the bus that had rolled over me, I was hurt. Then, disbelief set in…almost to the point of being comical. And, finally, anger. And, it had no intention of leaving.

Weeks and months went by and I still couldn’t shake the drama that had been placed in my path. Each time I saw this person or heard his voice, I wanted to throw up. A dark cloud of bitterness hovered over my head, as my stormy mood drained the positive energy in my body. Somehow, I had allowed another person’s actions to take me off my course, and that felt worse than the betrayal. One day, I just said, “This is unacceptable! I can’t control what he did or will do, but I can control how I choose to handle myself.” And, I didn’t fancy being angry for eternity. So, I made a shift in my manner.

While I wasn’t rushing out to break bread with this co-worker, I acted professional if we were in the same meeting. Ironically, I even became grateful for the chaos that had taken place months earlier: The jolt helped me place more focus on me and my actions, and cleared the way for my pursuit of other ambitions. Letting go of that baggage also freed up space for new positive forces to enter my life, which happened almost immediately!

Mental dilemmas connected to others aren’t always easy to confront. But, by placing the emphasis on you and how you choose to handle such ordeals and not so much on what others did or didn’t do, will lighten your load.

8 thoughts on “Excess Baggage

    1. Tony Post author

      Mare!!! You are so right! The right next-door/cubicle office-mate can make all the difference in the world! Lots of love to you and Happy New Year! (Thanks for subscribing too)

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey…thanks for reading…can I suggest one slight tweak…change the word “need” to “want”..that way it’s more like a choice (and a positive one too) that you are making vs. “having to do it”. Happy 2012 : )

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