Life is a Classroom

Memories rushed in when I returned to my high school alma mater this week to honor graduating seniors. My mind raced around remembering teachers, classes, tests, friends, homeroom. And, graduation, which, of course, symbolized the acme of 12 years of chalkboards and the leap to creating my future. And, now the Class of 2013 prepares to do the same. 

Around the time I left high school, “Fame” was playing in theaters. Taking place at a performing arts academy, the movie’s roof-raising finale, “I Sing The Body Electric,” echoed the energy present at my former high school’s honors night (more than $5 million in scholarships were awarded). A celebration of academia for sure, the evening was also a springboard to greater endeavors. And, every time I hear that song (be sure to click on the link and listen), it reinforces my belief in dreams, aspirations and learning (and it’s great to listen to while running as well).

The song and this week’s honors assembly also reminded me that whether you’re 17 or 77, growth opportunities are omnipresent. Our job is to recognize them and take the appropriate action to activate their potential. I share that input regularly with my psychic intuitive consultation clients. Meaning, I can receive insights about possible new life experiences for clients, but it’s their responsibility to do the work.

I’m a prime example, as I made a major career shift when my last corporate gig ended just over four years ago. First, I had to believe I could do it. And, then I had to pursue it – even when learning curves appeared. After all, even they were designed to move me forward or why would they be called learning curves, right?

Whether you’re donning a cap and gown for commencement or turning the corner into your life’s next classroom, don’t forget to Sing The Body Electric. It’ll keep you charged up.

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8 thoughts on “Life is a Classroom

  1. Rosemary H Carter

    So glad you were able to attend honors’ night. It always makes me feel so hopeful for our future. And by the way, you are an excellent role model for those seniors as well as us “gray-hairs”! EHS is proud of you.

    1. Tony Post author

      It was a very special night indeed. And, the high school is an amazing educational institution. Lots of pride there. Thanks for reading and your special note. Means a lot to me 🙂

  2. Stephanie Wilson

    It was definitely a night filled with energy! So many bright young minds…..Can’t wait to see where their hopes and dreams take them! You were a wonderful presenter!

    1. Tony Post author

      Stephanie – Wasn’t the energy just amazing. Such a promising array of students! Very proud to be there – as I’m sure you were too! Big hugs to you!

  3. Mike

    I wish I could have seen the look on the kids’ faces as they gasped, “That guy was in high school IN THE 80s!!!” Nice that you had this opportunity to give back. Meantime, I’m ready to do some work!

    1. Tony Post author

      Mike – Exactly! The kids were saying to themselves, “1980 was sooooooo long ago!” Great energy that night! And, good for you with your plans! xoxo

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