Predictions For 2013

As we enter into the homestretch of 2012, be grateful for past-year learnings, as they make us wiser as we continue our journeys. From time to time, I receive intuitive images and thoughts that apply to the masses. Here are several that I feel will be gaining attention in the months ahead.

March On. The unsettling, tragic event that unfolded in an elementary school last week left a nation at a lost. Initially, many were numb with shock, while others were overcome with sadness or anger. Healing has begun and will continue on a larger scale. I’ve seen intuitive visions of a major initiative that will soon take place: an organized, peaceful march in the street to call for action from national leaders. This coalition will encompass representation from diverse political parties, sexes, races, religions, sexual orientations and ages. While Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has announced she’ll introduce a gun control bill as early as the first week in January, it will take much more than legislation to soothe the country’s pain. The horrible incident in Connecticut is the latest of a violent path, which includes not only the Colorado movie theater massacre last summer, but ongoing shootings that take place in impoverished neighborhoods whose accounts are seldom front-page news. What we can – make that – what we must do is shift our energies to be more loving, caring and optimistic instead of the opposite, thus lifting the positive vibrational frequency of this country. We have that power. And, that starts with each individual saying, praying, singing, thinking, sharing, (whatever form you choose) your message of love.

Love Happens. I’m also sensing a continued movement in marriage and civil union equality. Specifically, more same-sex commitments of love will be recognized, not only within the U.S., but in foreign countries as well. In addition to formally acknowledging these relationships, the government mandates will have legal implications as well.

Slavery Today. A friend and I attended a recent taping of The Jeff Probst Show, which featured a segment on modern day slave trafficking. During 2012, I’ve seen repeated scenes of men and women being held captive in dark, dreary living conditions. These are people who are transported across borders and exploited for labor and sexual reasons. While I feel like these crimes are being investigated by a number of federal and state law enforcement agencies, we can expect to see a major slave network uncovered next year. (Also, see my earlier post in May 2012 – More Predictions – and the portion called Ink Stains).

Obesity Obstacles. The obesity epidemic will continue to receive exposure. We can expect a few more health-minded food and restaurant companies to come onboard with high-profile initiatives to promote good health. But, the problem isn’t just what we choose to eat – even when well-informed of ingredients and calories. That being said, an increasing number of adults will become more active in their lifestyles, thus, encouraging their children to adopt like patterns of exercise and mobility. In other words, give the PlayStations and TVs a rest and go play outside.

Oscar Nods. Last month, I caught the movie, Flight, the Denzel Washington starrer, in which a pilot attemps to land a failing jet by flipping it over (a sky version of The Poseidon Adventure?). I’ve been receiving considerable images about the film and expect it to score a surprising number of Oscar nominations – meaning more than just one for its leading man.

Finally, I can predict that many will finish their holiday shopping this week! And, that’s a wrap!

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