The first fact you should know about Abilene, TX is that it’s not the title song where Willie and Waylon and the boys reunited. That’s Luckenbach’s claim to fame. Abiline, however, has it’s own classic tune made famous by crooner George Hamilton IV, thank you very much. Now, I’m singing the praises of this city after my experience there Christmas night.

Departing Alabama on the 25th, my return American Airlines flight to Palm Springs included a plane change at Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Airport, which was crippled by a freak winter storm on Christmas. Delays. Cancellations. The pilot informed passengers on our aircraft that we’d be diverting to Abilene’s much smaller airport, located about two hours southwest of Dallas, due to chaos at DFW. Upon landing, we discovered that Abilene would be our host city for Christmas night. And, I’m not using the word “host” lightly.

From the minute we were escorted off the plane, we were treated like guests. After retrieving our luggage, arrangements for accomodations at the Elegante Suites and ground transportation had been made for all. No signs of confusion or poor management or short tempers. The small team at Abilene’s four-gate airport had the drill down to a science, but also added a lot of heart.

A pilot in the U.S. Army Reserves, who was also on my flight, and I were among the first ready to be transported to the hotel. Before we knew it, a gentleman named Darren greeted us with “Merry Christmas,” followed by, “Let me take your bags; I’ll be driving you.” Exiting the airport’s doors, we were chilled by temperatures in the 20s. “I hope you don’t mind riding in my truck,” Darren said. “I didn’t have a chance to clean it up. I was at home on the sofa watching TV with the family when I got the call about your plane being diverted.” My fellow passenger and I were impressed that our driver had left his own Christmas gathering to help out distressed travelers. “And, with this being Christmas night, only one or two restaurants are open in Abilene; so, the hotel has prepared sandwiches and snacks. We wanted to make sure you had something to eat,” Darren added. Even the kitchen staff came back in after the hotel’s Christmas Day brunch to spread some kindness, and mayo.

Pleasant surprises continued through the night, including a conversation with the Army Reserves pilot, who asked what I did for a living. When I explained I was a psychic-medium, his response was “Wow! You’re in touch with a higher source, aren’t you?” At a table in an Abilene hotel on Christmas night sat a man who understood my work. Between taking bites of a turkey sandwich, we talked some more and I shared with him some intuitive insights.

The next morning, the front desk clerk encouraged me to enjoy the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, “We don’t want you to leave hungry, now.” More kindness. A veteran hotel employee offered to drive me back to the airport in his personal car. Again, more kindness. Waiting to assist me at the Abilene airport was the small band of professionals who’d organized everything the night before. Again, doing their jobs with pride and care. As my bag was being rechecked that morning, I smiled knowing that there’s still so much good in the world. Our job is to acknowledge it and pass it on.

When the plane finally took off on December 26th for DFW, I almost hated to leave Abilene.

Love and light,









21 thoughts on “Abilene

  1. vicki morris

    Tony, That made me tear up. That kindness needs to be shared with our world. Thank you for acknowledging Abilene and their BIG hearts they shared with complete strangers. We all need to visit them and say Thank You for taking care of our friend Tony and all the others that pass through their fair city.

    1. Tony Post author

      I was blown away….that flight diversion could have been such a mess, but the Universe had Christmas elves in Abilene spreading good cheer, while doing a great job!

  2. Rick

    I agree Tony, these stories need to be told more on a regular basis to drown out the tragic stories that headline the news. I feel that this new year and this new Mayan calendar year is going to be more about the good, positive stories and the more positive stories we hear the higher our overall vibration will become to usher in the much needed love and caring energy that has been overshadowed. And your blog is an excellent way to do that! Kudos Tony and so grateful that you had that experience! And I look forward to all of us sharing more of those kinds of stories throughout 2013!!! Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Chris McCourry

      I agree Tony, we need more “good new” and less of the Nah-saying news. We need to be uplifted and WE need to uplift. 2013 has to be the best year for all of us….Nice story, thanks from a transplanted Texan in a small Texan town.

      1. Tony Post author

        I’m you with you brother! Each of us should make it a mission to share/acknowledge two or more expressions of kindness each day. Talk about a vibration!

  3. Chris Hungerford

    Amazing story!! This post restores my faith in people…thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!! Here’s to more “Abilene” encounters in 2013!

  4. Pamela Driskell Chavez

    Wow….now that doesn’t sound bad at all. I am so glad you had people around with kindness in their hearts…Most of all I’m glad you made it safely back home…Happy New Year Tony!

  5. Jeanae Graves

    What a sweet experience you shared of something that could have been so frustrating…stepping back and looking at the kindness and love in the situation and truly making the best of it AND making a memory at this beautiful time of year. We cannot control all that happens to us, but we can choose to see the best in those situations and make the most of them. This is such a reminder of that..there are so many kind hearted people, so ready to help someone in need and there stories go untold….thanks so much for sharing. Happy New Year Tony!

    1. Tony Post author

      You are sooooo right. I kept telling myself that I do not have control over the weather or flight patterns, etc. I do have control over how experience the delays. And, when goodness started to happen, I embraced it and more continued! Happy New Year!

  6. Beth

    Wow! That made me cry! Thanks so much for sharing your story. There really are a lot of great people in this world. Unfortunately, we only hear about the evils ones. Thanks Tony. Love you, V V

  7. Mike

    A little late, but what a great story. As other have said, Yelpers and users of similar sites tend to turn to the Internet only to vent. It’s important to share these kinds of stories, too. (And, of course, I’m happy to hear you got the red carpet treatment on Christmas night!)

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