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“Discounting someone’s dreams and ambitions is a real cheap shot,” was a Facebook status that I posted last week.

When used correctly, social media can provide a vehicle for the energetic exchange of considerate thought. Regarding my post, someone asked, “When one person’s dreams and ambitions invade and conflict with another person’s dreams and ambitions, how does the winner get chosen?” I soon realized that my answer was more than a Facebook or Twitter (follow me @TonyMorris20) sound-bite; thus, the inspiration for today’s blog materialized.

Anytime I bring forth an idea, dream, brainstorm, etc., initially, I set my intent. I’m as explicit as possible. For example, in deciding to pursue my career as a psychic intuitive counselor, I made it clear that I wanted to use my gift to help others and the planet, while at the same time enrich my own life. When stating an intention, if I sense there’s cause for potential conflict, even unintentionally, then it’s my choice to continue and prepare for the next steps. Concering my job, I’ve encountered, as expected, a few nay sayers – even from a friend or two. When that happened, I wasn’t pissed off; instead, I was prepared to not let that detract me from my goal. After all, my intent was never to intrude into their beliefs.

If during the intent process I become aware that there’s a risk of conflicting with another’s goal, again, it’s my choice to proceed and act accordingly. This was part of my workweek drill when I was in Corporate America; getting buy-ins for projects sometimes involved butting heads with other departments’ directives. However, there was great beauty when conflict transpired into compromise or even compassion. So, just because it may appear on the surface that multiple goals or ambitions are clashing, the process can often bring parties to a better spot.

During my private intuitive consultations, conflicting dreams are often sore subjects within personal relationships. Recently, a client mentioned a great career opportunity overseas, but her partner preferred to remain stateside and be close to relatives. Ideally, mutual enlightenment comes to fruition in such a situation. Both bend to blend. If that’s not the case, then, perhaps, deeper issues require far more attention. Remember, a relationship in itself is a collaborative ambition that more than one person has chosen together and requires all involved to support that ambition.

The friend who responded to my Facebook status used the word “winner,” which has a competitive sounding edge. When thrust into a competition (football game, beauty pageant, game show, political campaign, etc.), all parties are aware of the rules and regulations. And, that a winner ultimately rises. Defeating opponents doesn’t deny others’ dreams. Participating in the competition is the dream; he or she had the opportunity to vie for the title. If someone had blocked or dissed one’s involvement, then that’s a violation or cheap shot, as I stated.

See what I mean? My answer was way too long for Facebook. But, hopefully, just right for today’s blog!

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