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Trains are among my favorite methaphors or symbolism. Remember Hitchcock’s racy implication of the choo-choo plowing into the tunnel at the end of “North By Northwest,” just after Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant climbed into their shared bunk? Or, listen to country singer Josh Turner’s, “Long Black Train,” a tale of a life redeemed. So, when I visited Monarch Contemporary Gallery in Palm Springs, owned by a friend who’s also the artist insitu, I wasn’t surprised when eyes focused on a locomotive image (see below!) commanding prime display space.

The powerful visual spoke to me. And, the reasons why were validated when the creator himself, Ben Rangel de Maria, shared his interpretation of the piece. “It’s called Locomotion. And, it’s all about energy and moving forward with bold confidence and determination.”

While studying the impressive (and quite large) artwork, I thought about his description. It certainly clicked with me, as I’m a firm believer in utilizing positive energetic forces to advance aspirations and goals. Unfortunately, many, by choice, have programmed their brains to deny or defeat any potential to expand and grow. Good news: that way of thinking can be reversed. But, it does require a little work to get into the right mindset.

If you feel like your life’s been derailed, being worrisome or woeful will just make it worse. Take another approach. Start by declining the presence of bad vibrations in your life. Instead of grousing, try a little humor: Wake up and state, “I have no use for negative energy, so don’t even think of stopping by.” If you’re really agitated by ill-minded forces, kick ’em in the cabooses by dropping the “F bomb” (or a PG approved term!) followed by the word, off, to get your point across. Silly tactics maybe, but it’s important that you own control over what you don’t want to attract. That way, you’ll be in an optimal place to attract what it is you do want.

Once the wreckage starts to clear, generate positive thoughts. And, do it daily. Always acknowledge that you’re grateful for what you have and embrace the learnings you’ve amassed thus far. Give yourself permission to ask the Universe for what else you want to experience. Cancel out any thought or talk like, “Despite my qualifications, I could never expect to get that job,” or “Why should I even bother to submit an offer on that house?” or “I’m afraid to change careers even though I have other ambitions.” Replace those types of comments with the exact opposite: “I could easily be a candidate for that job,” “That’s the kind of house I’d like to try to buy,” and “I have the courage to explore growth options.”

Once you train your brain, you’ll be on the right track!

Love and light,



LOCOMOTION by Ben Rangel de Maria. Archival Ink Jet Print on Paper. Edition of 27 plus 3 APs. 20 x 96 inches.

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