The Client

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said the lady over the phone last month. “A co-worker gave me one of your gift certificates for my birthday, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ But, I gotta warn you: I’m a little nervous.”

More and more, I’m amazed at the different types of people who’ve scheduled private intuitive consultations with me. Let me be clearer: amazed, because my clients represent a wide range of demographics as they relate to race, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religon, age and, well, you get the picture. The notion that you’d have to be a lifelong follower of metaphysics and spirituality to sign up for a session is obviously a worn-out misconception. Asking me to define my target audience, a carried-over marketing term from my years in corporate America, would be a challenge!

An overwhelming majority of clients are becoming aware of the Law of Attraction, a mindset that practices expressing positive energy and, in return, manifests (or “attracts”) more positive energy. (There’s a flip side too: negativity attracts negativity!) Utilizing positive energy can be a huge advantage, as the insights I receive typically will aid in providing clarification – or validation – regarding their concerns and desires.

While each consultation is certainly unique, all the Universe asks of a participant is that he or she be open to receive. And, I’d add, try not to approach the session with pre-conceived criteria and demands. Like, starting off the hour by saying, “I want you tell me that I’m going to get a new job in the next month or two.” Or, don’t ask for something if you’re not willing to do the work. Exhibit A: yearning for romance, while constantly (or habitually) retreating to the ashes of a long burned-out relationship.

So, approach an intuitive consultation in the most positive of light, whether it’s your fourth experience, or you’re a first-timer like the lady who initially was edgy about her session. By the way, must have produced results; she’s already referred two new clients to me.

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