The Price of Tides

Last night, I received a vision of toxic waste dumping into a large body of water, presumably an ocean, gulf or Great Lake. Not a pretty sight. Think of the famous television ad of the native American canoeing in tainted rivers, who, at the end, sheds a tear when litter is tossed at his feet. I believe the message I received is a wake up call for us to be more aware of the hazards that threaten to damage our eco-system.

Whether its industry violations or individual vandalism, the endangerment of our natural resources can’t be tolerated. When we’re aware of such destruction, speak up. In other words, we should all be whistle blowers. But, it’s not so much that we take action to rat on the “bad guys.” We take action, because we care for our environment. Action for positive reasons. Postive outcomes.

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency and American Rivers, monitor our waterways and champion to keep them clean and safe. But, those groups can’t do it alone. They often rely on citizens to bring issues to the forefront, so concentrated efforts can be activated.

If we each do our part, whether volunteering to restore a coastal habitat or incorporating smart practices into our own routines, we can divert having to pay the price for neglect in the future.

Let’s keep those tides, tidy!

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