If These Walls Could Talk

How many of you have walked into a space and could sense a negative vibe? Or, a positive one? During my corporate career, there were many meetings I attended where a definite mood presided over the conference room. And, it wasn’t just associated with the colleagues sitting around the table. That’s because all things, not just humans, are comprised of energy. Lamps. Chairs. Laptops…

At your home, it’s the table in your dining room, the soap dispenser in your bath and the framed picture of Aunt Martha nesting on your bookcase. Anything you can touch – and even not touch – is energy. Just like with humans, whose respective energies can conflict, our surroundings can clash as well. As people, we have the option to adjust elements within our environment so energy is more harmonious with our co-existence. Interior designers/decorators and the Chinese with their Feng shui (originally a practice to orient spiritually significant structures) are keen to this ability. Whether it’s utilizing complementing materials, strategic use of color or burning lavender scented candles, we can all seek to improve our environments. And, we don’t have to spend a fortune or uproot our lives in order to do so.

For example, I have a guest room, which is closed off at night. However, during the day, I not only re-open the door, but pull back the drapes to allow sun to brighten the room. While a small gesture, it’s an acknowledgement that all spaces need light to shine…even if they’re not used regularly (a friend actually suggested that I sleep in the guest room from time-to-time, which I do). Occasionally, I will check on currently unused furniture and other belongings at my rental storage facility…because I want to maintain a connection to those items.

And, there are things to which we don’t want to stay connected. I’ve had intuitive consultation clients who have clung to relics associated with former romantic interests, even though the thoughts of those flames stir unhealthy feelings. In that case, why hold onto energies that have such negative forces? And, the reason doesn’t have to be that blatant, it can simply be that something just doesn’t serve your life anymore. I’ve unloaded lots of clothes not only because they no longer fit, but because they (business suits) aren’t aligned with my current lifestyle (independent consultant).

Not only do all common everyday items have their own energy, spiritual energy can attach itself to those things as well. Ever go into an antique shop? Many of the furnishings for sell, whether an heirloom desk or a glorious oil portrait hanging on the wall, come with history and spiritual energy too, perhaps linked to the former owners. Don’t think you have go to a retailer to come in contact with this scenario. Check out your own attic or basement, where family mementos are often housed. In my mother’s guest room, she has treasured collectibles (reading glasses, pearls) that belonged to her grandmother. Needless to say, whenever I sleep in that room, I sense a warm, loving spiritual presence. Never a need to count sheep; slumber always comes easily.

While walls – and chairs, books, etc. – can’t speak, their energies do give us something to talk about.

Love and light,



16 thoughts on “If These Walls Could Talk

  1. Vicki Morris

    Oh Tony, I just loved this blog. I have always been able to read energy when walking into a room, especially at someone else’s house – like going to a party. I also have a strong pull to nature and love hugging trees and just being out in nature – hiking, picking up stones wherever I go(I have a collection – as they speak to me), touching dead things as my friends call them – like sticks with moss on them, colorful leaves, bird feathers – to which I think they all have lots of energy, at least I feel it.
    So after reading your blog, I have a new adventure to go sleep in my guest room, which I have never done. My partner and I choose a different room in our home and a different piece of furniture on Sunday mornings as we drink our coffee and plan our day.
    Thanks for sharing life through your eyes. I so enjoy!

  2. Mickey

    Hi Tony! Great Blog! I do agree that many objects in our homes can carry a lot of good energy and good memories. Sometimes when we have an excess of these objects, it can make us feel bogged down, trapped and even depressed. I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. Looking at objects trying to decide if I need this object. Do I keep it or simply get rid of it and who shall I give it to? What will become of something that you hold precious? Will it become something that someone else throws in the trash? My home is filled with beautiful things, but as my life changes I feel sometimes overwhelmed by the things I have collected over the years. Things I love dearly, yet want to rid myself of. It’s like giving away a Teddy Bear, not knowing will Teddy be loved and held dearly as you did.

    1. Tony Post author

      Love the old saying, “find something a good home.” When I sold my home in Louisville and moved to California. I had a household full of furniture that I could have taken with me. However, my place in Palm Springs was already furnished. While some of my furnishing in Louisville were quite nice (my king size bed and mattress were fantastic), I cut loose of 80% of those possessions to “good homes.” For example, the king size bed with mattress now belongs to a newlywed couple, who were thrilled to get the furniture because “we wouldn’t have been able to afford something like this.” Needless to say, that made me feel great. I’m sure when you pass along your items, you’ll find good homes for them too. And, the folks who are on the receiving end will be grateful and you will have a content smile on your face. Thanks for sharing your comments and thoughts!

  3. Mike

    Good post, Tony. And, as a writer, I appreciate the cleverness of the last line: “While walls can’t speak, their energies do give us something to talk about.”

  4. Dixie

    Great blog today! I loved it!!! I am so glad that walls can’t talk sometimes and yes, the energy they hold does give us something to talk about. I too have a storage locker filled with memorabilia and some great mid-century modern ’50’s furniture that needs to live in someone else’s home, just haven’t found the right one yet. I too like to connect to the items in the unit, lots of good energy felt there.

    In gratitude,

  5. Bill Lewallen

    This post helped me realize that I’ve been too focused on the technology that drives your blog instead of taking the time to actually contemplate the content. Now I get to go to the archives and find other treasures.

    A few years ago I began feeling overwhelmed with the abundant collection of memorabilia on display throughout the house: art objects, paintings, photographs, furniture, lamps, etc. I slowly began to remove everything from the walls, leaving a clean palette. At first it was very difficult to box items I’ve been collecting for over 50 years (I’m no spring chicken). Some items actually made it to storage only to be carted back home during the next trip to the storage locker. This behavior has now stopped and the new energy is amazing.. Now “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place”. I spend the first few minutes or so each morning giving gratitude for the abundance in my life while going through the house putting everything back the way it was the morning before. I’m off to the storage locker with a box of collectibles, which I will trade for other items I haven’t seen for some time. By the way, all the doors are now open and I’ll be sleeping in the guest room this spring!

    1. Tony Post author

      Love “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.” And, really great idea about retrieving items out of storage to trade-out with pieces currently in your home. You could be a curator of a museum! (or maybe you were in a previous life!) Thanks for reading and subscribing too!

  6. Mary Rhoads

    Tony, this is gr8…I love and read all your blogs. How true that our environment or surroundings play a role in our attitude and behavior whether in a meeting or at a social gathering. I have memories of J.McK critiquing our hospitality suites and even tradeshow booths to be sure we had proper lighting, everything set in its place, etc and if crates a/o cardboard boxes were visible…well, you can imagine. Thanks and keep up the wonderful blogs.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Mary – thanks so much for your comments. You are dead-on: Everything communicates, because everything is energy. And, all energies co-exists with we humans. I really appreciate your subscribing too! Hope 2012 is off to a great start for you!

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