For Debi

It’s been said that people come into our lives for a reason. Debi Magnes, who passed away last week, was not only my friend, she was my spiritual mentor. Without her, there would be no Tony Morris, Psychic Medium.

Nearly eight years ago, I had a good-paying corporate job in Louisville, yet was struggling with the holiday season: no tree, few gifts and little joy. A co-worker sensed my drama, “You need to talk to Debi; she’ll make you’ll feel better.” Before I could ask if Debi was a therapist, my friend threw the bait, “She’s a life coach.” Then, came the hook, “She’s also a psychic.”

I was intrigued, as I’d consulted with a psychic years prior. I called Debi and scheduled an appointment for the second weekend in December 2007. I liked her from the start; she projected a smile that could light up a Vegas marquee, coupled with a genuine desire to help people improve their lives. Validations to her psychic insights came quickly after my initial session, so I booked another meeting shortly after the new year.

Just before we closed that early January 2008 consultation, I said, “Can I ask a question? I read a book by James Van Praagh about seven years ago in which he discussed how to connect with your spiritual guide. One night in bed, I felt like it happened, but I was too nervous to explore it any further. Do you think I should try again?”

Debi leaned across the table and rubbed her beautifully manicured hands together, “Yes, I think you’re much more open to it now. Who knows, you could be the next John Edward,” she added, referring to the noted medium. At the time, I recalled walking out of her office, scratching my head about the Edward comment.

Three months later, I had a major spiritual awakening in which I discovered my own psychic medium gifts. Thank God for Debi, as she helped me navigate through through those early months of unchartered waters. Once, I shared with her how my physical body experienced an unusual metamorphosis, “It’s like I’m hooked up to a power station and I’m receiving jolts of electricity!”

She replied, “Tony, that’s because your chakras are opening up!”

My naivety was exposed: “Chakras? Are they like kidneys or something?”

Debi coached me not only on our body’s spiritual energy centers, but also on the Law of Attraction, meditation and healing therapy. All the while, she was kind, funny and down-to-Earth, qualities which easily made her one of my most treasured friends.

Today, when one of my clients tells another person, “You need to talk to Tony,” I feel very humbled and honored.

And, very grateful for Debi Magnes.

Love and light,


My friend and mentor, Debi Magnes

My dear friend and mentor, Debi Magnes.

16 thoughts on “For Debi

  1. Jimmy LaSalvia

    I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I know it’s a sad time for you.

    Just think, Tony. You help so many people, and we don’t know if that would have happened with her. And Debi gets to keep helping people because of you. I’ll bet that you’re going to be better than ever now that she’s on the other side working through you.

    Wish I had met her.


  2. Patrick


    Reading this makes my soul and heart smile: knowing that people cross paths for a reason, hence this is why you and Debi became such deeply bonded friends.

    Nothing is ever coincidence, and you’re always where you need to be in the right moment. That’s how Divine Timing works out.

    It is with sorrow to hear of her passing, but you know full well that her transition was a peaceful one.

    May your heart heal in its due time, and know what a wonderful gentleman I know you to be.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Joyce Newman


    So very sorry to hear about your loss. You wrote a very loving tribute! Poignant, touching and with a bit of humor. Always difficult to lose a friend especially around the holidays.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.


  4. John

    Thanks for sharing Tony; my condolences to you. I’m certain that you and Debi are closer now than ever before. We come into contact with angels quite often and don’t realize it-Debi the Angel lives on 😇


  5. Chris Allen

    I so get what you have said about Debi! She did all the same for me too! She was the light I needed to figure out so many things about my life! She was so gifted, loving, kind and thoughtful! The first time I met her she came across the room, said “are you psychic?” I said no, I consider myself intuitive! She patted me on the arm and said “that’s what polite people say when they are psychic!”

    I know first hand that she totally believes in your gifts and abilities! What an endorsement!!! I will miss her physical being, but am happy to say that I have already been in touch with her spiritually!

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