High Five!

This week, I begin my fifth year of writing this blog. Initially, I was skeptical about such an endeavor, as I didn’t want to be guilty of creating more clutter in a world of information overload. Thankfully, loyal readers, like yourself, felt differently; you not only read, but commented on and shared the various spiritual and psychic related posts.

Together, we’ve covered a lot of territory. Articles have ranged from the basics about my job (My Filing Cabinets,) to the not-so-basic (OBE; OMG!). And, there were personal accounts (For Bucky, Daddy), some doses of humor (Type-Ohs!) and even a tribute to an old appliance (The Window Unit). Your being a part of this written word journey has made it an ongoing learning experience for me!

As I enter into Year Five, let me continue to hear from you. What topics interest you? What intuitive or spiritual stories and experiences can you share?

Stay tuned!

Love and light,


High five as the blog enters its fifth year!

Paws to celebrate: high five as the blog enters its fifth year!


10 thoughts on “High Five!

  1. Kaye

    WOW!!!! Has it really been FIVE YEARS?? I know it’s an overused phrase, but, time really does fly by when you’re having fun! I admire your sense of adventure and always enjoy reading all about your exciting life and insights! Congratulations to you– and here’s to the next five (times five)!!

  2. Jade

    Kudos on the five year milestone…I remember when you first began! I’ve enjoyed reading these immensely and appreciate the time you take to make each post meaningful. One topic I would enjoy your take on is the comparison and contrast between the energy of the desert versus the beach…and how that has affected your spiritual/mental state and well-being, not to mention your client potential.
    Happy Holidays! 😀 Jade

  3. Angie

    Congrats on your anniversary. I really respect your efforts. It takes a lot to remain committed to a blog!

    Keep going. Lots of us love you and the blog.

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