Meeting Donna Karan

“I’m looking forward to reading your book and hope you write about your spiritual journey,” I told fashion designer Donna Karan, as she began to sign her bestselling memoir, My Journey, last week at a Montecito, California bookstore.

The creative icon shared, “Well, I start off with that in my introduction.” She wasn’t kidding; after only a few pages, she self-describes herself as “a nomad at heart, forever traveling, searching for answers.”

Still across the table from her as she applied a personal inscription on the title page, I added, “I know you’re a hugely successful business person, but I find your spiritual experiences very inspiring.”

She put her pen down and looked directly into my eyes. “What do you do?” she asked.

“I’m a psychic medium.”

Not wasting a second, she replied, “I love it.”

I explained, “I look at my job as a way of helping others and the planet.”

She continued writing, and said, “Oh, trust me; I get it! I get it!”

The woman definitely gets it. While the book is chock-full of tales of the fashion industry, her family and famous friends (BFF Barbra Streisand inked the Foreword), it also covers her creation of Urban Zen, an initiative that connects the dots in philanthropy and commerce. Its mission statement couldn’t be any clearer: We are dedicated to promoting mind, body and spirit through the preservation of culture, well-being and education.

Later that night, I finally read (had to put on my glasses!) what she’d signed in my copy of her book: “To Tony – What a pleasure to meet you and see what you think of my journey to where I’ve been guided by a higher self. All my best, Donna.”

Now, that’s a fashion statement!

Love and light,


Donna Karan's two latest projects: her memoir and Urban Zen.

Donna Karan’s two latest projects: her memoir and Urban Zen.



10 thoughts on “Meeting Donna Karan

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much! Yes, Santa Barbara area does have a great sense of energy buzzing around. Hard not too, given the ocean and the mountains cradle the city.

  1. Rich Tyrrell

    Fantastic story.! I didn’t know this about DK so it was a revelation. I will need to read her book! Thanks for sharing this with us, Tony.

  2. Mary Rhoads

    Lucky you – I’ll put her book on my Please Santa list and looking forward to reading it – and yours too so hope Santa Barbara is inspiring you.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Mary! Yes, Santa Barbara is a very inspiring city! The ocean and mountains (and people too) have good energy! I’ll keep you posted on my book as it develops 🙂

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