Spring Drive

Moving to Louisville on Easter 2004 had no fanfare; lunch was courtesy of a Wendy’s drive-thru next to a suburban mall. However, the roughness of being an outsider in a new city wore off. For my five-plus years that followed in The Bluegrass State, I broke bread (and drink) with new neighbors (see photo below) on Spring Drive.

“The block of houses where you bought is somewhat famous for taking turns having big dinner parties,” said my realtor, as she handed me the keys to my new abode. She was correct; within days, I received the first invite for a soiree across the street. And, what I discovered was those to-dos were monthly affairs (not counting impromptu patio get-togethers). How lucky could I get?

It wasn’t just the social gatherings that made living there ideal. There was the love shown to me in countless ways like sending me home with leftovers, walking my dog or loaning gardening tools. How fortunate, that out of all the homes and neighborhoods in Kentucky’s largest city, I landed on Spring Drive.

Being the stranger in town back in 2004, I realized that the Universe had blessed me with this amazing collection of people. No two alike. Each bringing something wonderful and unique to the table (literally – as everyone had their food specialities too).

As Easter 2014 approaches, I fondly remember my Spring Drive brothers and sisters. They were my family in a city where I had none.

Love and light,





The great neighbors of Spring Drive!

11 thoughts on “Spring Drive

  1. Rosemary Shelton

    Hi Tony: I love your writings and photos you share. Keep up the good work.
    Please say “hi” [for me[ to your sweet mother and mischievous sister. I miss them a lot. The fun days are over! Thanks, Rosemary

    1. Tony Post author

      Hi! Thanks so much for reading my blog and your nice comments. I appreciate it. And, I will relay your message to my sister and mother. (and, fun days are still to come!) Take care – Tony

  2. Pamela Driskell Chavez

    So good to hear. If the world could bring us more of this! Not just this time of year, but everyday! I too have lived in many different places and I have been blessed with the most wonderful people. These wonderful folks and times will always be with me, as you are! Happy Easter Tony! With Sincere Love!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much honey! People and their shared love and concern can indeed make a neighborhood a true sanctuary for the human spirit. Love you too!

  3. Dianne Meredith

    I sure miss your sweet face at all of our parties. What a tribute you made to the Spring Drive Family. We have all been blessed to have incredible caring neighbors that have turned into life-long friends. You will always be a part of us. Happy Easter………….Dianne Meredith

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