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I’ve blogged about my out-of-body experiences (OBE) before, usually when a new discovery happens. Last week marked another one!

Always occurring during a relaxed state, OBEs are when the mind allows your soul to leave the physical body and its tangible surroundings to explore other spiritual realms. During the last few years, my OBEs have included a number of variations, to include floating sensations, jettison-like mind thrusts and brilliant, bright, textured visual cues signaling that I’m entering into a new dimension. Each time, my soul was overcome with positive emotions and enlightenment. Although my spiritual body was “traveling,” it remained confined. Imagine being a secured passenger on a magic carpet ride!

Just days ago, the carpet ride took on a new twist.

Deep in sleep, the dream in which I was engaged was interrupted by a sudden shift of energy. At that moment, I mentally knew that an OBE was about to start. Within seconds, my spiritual body rose from my physical being in bed. Instantly, it began moving at a rapid pace beyond the earthly plane. Once my soul was coasting along comfortably, my spiritual body’s arms became active and began waving about jubilantly. Then, the legs kicked in! My spiritual body’s lower limbs started to imitate pedaling a bike, as if I were competing in the Tour de France. This was a first!

As this was taking place, my soul connected to a higher place of freedom, gratitude and love. It was thrilling. It was beautiful.

Prior to last week’s OBE, I’d only read documented accounts of such activity.

Now, I’ve experienced it firsthand…and legs!

Love and light,


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