Cardboard boxes packed and stacked to the ceiling, staples of moving day adventures. Many of my psychic consultation clients often want clarity about possible re-los to another city – or even across town. Last week, I moved from Palm Springs to Santa Barbara.

As most know, there are before, during and after phases associated with the changing of an address. I’ve just completed the final segment: unpacking and settling in. It’s a good feeling, especially when I look back on what got me to that point.

The middle layer, the physical move itself, couldn’t have gone smoother. The trusted team of movers arrived on time and unloaded everything without a scratch or any damage, sans a clay cooker (in which I really only used to microwave bacon!). The last two phases were practically cakewalks.

Now, let’s talk about baking the cake, or the first phase! There was considerable activity happening: buying boxes, packing belongings, saying goodbyes and listing (and quickly selling) my Palm Springs residence. I had a slight dilemma; I didn’t have a confirmed place to live in my new city! Around 3 a.m. one dark morning, I almost snapped, as I realized there was a gap in the move’s master plan. Thankfully, I caught myself from falling into a worry pit. I sat up in bed and became the King of Tough Love and ordered, “Tony, stop it! This happens to people every day of the year. They sell a place and don’t have their next location lined up. Yet, they get through it. And, you will too!”

Within a few days, I’d found the perfect spot to call home in Santa Barbara.

By the way, I have a new business phone 805-450-6816 for those who want to call/text to schedule your next psychic consultation.

And, that would be your move!

Love and light,


8 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Jimmy LaSalvia

    I’m so glad everything worked out. You are going to be so happy there.

    “Around 3 a.m. one dark morning, I almost snapped…” That resonates with me right now…haven’t slept in a few days, but I just know that somehow it will work out. Thanks for reminding me.


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