Ode To October, Redux

By October, summer has faded like an aged postcard. Labor Day has come and gone and a new season welcomed. Children and parents are now acclimated to the back-to-school routine. Department stores have finished their end-of-season sales and started hinting about Santa.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, as I like everything about it: weather, leaves, football, sweaters and harvest. Fall also reminds me of new beginnings, brought to life by school bells ringing again after their summer hiatus. Despite January being the start of the calendar, I equate October to all things new. New grade. New classes. New learnings.

Now, at age 53, I look to this special month as the time for me to assimilate more about my life’s reengineered direction that started more than seven years ago. Working with my spiritual abilities, I choose to be even more positive about myself and what the future will bring. In turn, I will attract more beneficial happenings and contacts. And, like I tell my psychic medium consultation clients, I, “gotta do the work.” So, I salute October for inspiring me to always re-enlist for life’s changes and opportunities.

Hmmm. Craving pumpkin soup now!

Love and light,


Orange you glad it's October?

Orange you glad it’s October?


2 thoughts on “Ode To October, Redux

  1. Mary Rhoads

    My favorite time of the year too. Miss the colors and cool weather, sweaters and even boots (not a fan of rhinestone sandals). And you’re so right, fall is for new beginnings. You look great and seem so happy, keep up the good work and smiles you bring to everyone.

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