Waiting For Good, Oh!

“Number 31,” I moaned after taking the queue ticket at the cable office, which was currently serving customer 19. Half an hour later, I approached the counter to return equipment and cancel service, but received something in return.

With a smiling face, Eric, the agent, was professional, courteous and expeditious. Plus, he said, “Looks like you have a credit on your account, so we’ll be mailing you a check.” The overall experience made it worth the wait.

Often, my psychic consultation clients are “waiting” for something good to happen: relationship, job or another life milestone. During our sessions, my spiritual intuition will identify what they’re wanting to attract or manifest in their lives. We then discuss possible actions and mindsets that can be employed to advance the process. In doing so, clients aren’t simply waiting; they’re committed participants in their desired good.

Waiting is wasted time. Whether you’re at the airport facing a delayed flight or eagerly anticipating 5:00 Friday, utilize the wait time to generate positive movement in your life.

By the way, today’s blog was written while waiting for my car to be serviced this morning!

Love and light,


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