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This week, I received an intuitive insight from, of all things, my hometown weekly newspaper, which is mailed to me in California. Sandwiched between school board, little league and music club articles and a full-page Piggly Wiggly ad, it surfaced!

Two weeks ago, I placed my Palm Springs residence on the market, with plans of moving to Santa Barbara. While I love the desert’s mystic energy, the time is right for me to move on to life’s next chapter.

Now, imagine my surprise, as I unfolded the newspaper heralding from my roots, to see a small mailing label fall onto my lap that read: SANTA BARBARA! A router sticker of some sort, its final destination listed was the city nestled along the south central California coast. Somehow through the mail delivery process, this small piece of paper had found its way into the publication. How magical to receive such a message of validation all the way from my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama!

Talk about reading between the lines!

Love and light,


This label was a true special delivery!

This label was a true special delivery!



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