If The Shoe Fits

You can tell a lot about people from the shoes they wear.

Like I’ve shared with many of my psychic consultation clients, each pair of footwear tells a story, as they play a part in moving us along on our respective journeys. My mother, for example, still has my baby shoes. What may look like two, small, white leather lace ups on display in her curio cabinet are actually impromptu cues to discuss my toddler years. “You were walking when you were only a seven-month-old,” she’s often said.

When you enter my mother’s walk-in closet, where her own shoe collection is housed, even more stories can be told. High heels signal her days as an executive secretary, while loafers bring her up-to-date as a real estate professional. Aside from career, the petite Nikes pay homage to her days as a girl’s basketball coach at the local YMCA. The rainbow colors of flip-flops reveal her love for the beach and being outdoors. And, the furry house slippers convey her downtime, opportune moments to curl up with her dog, Bogie, on the sofa to read magazines or a novel.

Whether you walk, run, skip or roll through your life’s path, what’s on your feet can serve as a source of inspiration.

No wonder shoes have souls, ahem, soles.

Love and light,


My mother came close to adding these dynamos to her shoe collection!

My mother came close to adding these dynamos to her shoe collection!

8 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits

  1. Laura

    I enjoy reading your blog. From the Buster Browns to my favorite clogs, shoes have always had special meaning to me. My mom always said that I was rough on shoes. It’s a good thing she owned a store. Miss you!

  2. Joshua Edmundson

    What a cute and well written blog Tony! I am definitely a shoe lover. They somehow convey my attitude for the day, from classy cap-toed leather brogues, to classic penny loafers, comfy moccasins, or youthful and rebellious sneaks of all kinds – I love ’em all. Thanks!

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