Card Clout

Funny, how a birthday card can change one’s life. But, seven years ago, a paper sentiment given to me from my mother did just that!

Opening the envelope, I saw a picture of a five-year-old pulling a little red wagon. My initial reaction: shock! “I don’t believe this,” I muttered.

My mother was stunned, “Tony, what do you mean?”

“Last night, while awake in bed, I saw this card! I even asked, ‘Why am I seeing a little red wagon?'”

Little did I know at the time, which was shortly after I’d had my spiritual awakening and discovered that I was a psychic medium, the card inspired the title of the book that I’ve written and plan to publish. While the memoir captures details of my spiritual journey, it also has flashbacks to childhood dreams and aspirations, something with which all can identify.

This week, as I celebrated my 53rd trip around the sun, my mother performed a magic trick. She found the same card while sifting through the shelves at my cousin Steve’s drugstore in my hometown. There was no shock, however, when I opened it this time. Happily, I took the card as a sign from the Universe.

And, a mother’s intuition!

Love and light, Tony

The card that changed my life!

The card that changed my life!






10 thoughts on “Card Clout

  1. Ricky Ray

    The love and intuition of a mother is magical and powerful!!!

    Love you, Shirley, for all that you have done in support of your incredible son!!!

  2. Kaye

    Your mother is indeed a special lady! And, you have such a remarkable gift. I always-ALWAYS- enjoy your enlightening, uplifting, encouraging (and comical) posts! Thanks for sharing your love and light with all of us! 🙂

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