Tell Me About Your Work

Yesterday, while shopping at the neighborhood hardware store, I asked the owner a few questions about his business. He was happy to oblige. I get queries, too, about the psychic medium field. Here are a few of the most recent:

What do you and your other psychic medium colleagues talk about? – Contrary to what some may think, we don’t sit around gabbing all the time about spiritual connections. And, I certainly don’t chat about my clients, as sessions are confidential. We do share our intuitive learnings, but we also discuss movies, sports, the weather and food. Definitely, food!

Why would you leave a longtime corporate career for this work? – I just knew. Perhaps, a cheap answer, but it’s the truth. While grateful for my 27-plus years with the Fortune 500 firms by which I’d been employed, I sensed a calling after my spiritual awakening more than seven years ago.

How do you find calm and peace so you can focus on your job? – While there is discipline involved, I make a point to meditate and go for long walks. Being around nature – mountains, lakes, oceans, country roads, meadows, etc. – can aid tremendously in clearing the mind and enriching the soul.

Do soul mates exist? – Yes. But, they aren’t necessarily romantic or sexual bonds. The key word is soul, which implies deep, caring connections that touch a multitude of mutual life experiences and learnings. And, you can have more than one!

Keep the questions coming! With any career, people are intrigued by what others do. As for the local hardware shop proprietor, he knew I wasn’t posing questions to pry or occupy his time.

I was genuinely interested in the nuts and bolts of his work!

Love and light,


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