Take This Job And Love It!

The latest Money magazine spotlights five new jobs that will take off in 2015. Future trends and lifestyles often dictate career reinvention, a topic discussed frequently in my client psychic consultations.

Career modification isn’t isolated to any specific occupation. Recently, I reviewed the job titles of clients who’ve come to me for spiritual insights regarding career growth. The list covers a wide spectrum: teachers, doctors, nurses, retailers, actors, ministers, lawyers, drag queens, bankers, politicians, fashion designers, hotel executives, porn stars, architects, auto mechanics, musicians, real estate developers, fitness trainers, chefs, event planners, non-profit leaders and many others. Some are wanting to tweak their current job duties, while others are seeking a major make over.

Citing a shift from conventional jobs into the information economy, the Money article lists these up-and-coming jobs: nuclear medicine technologist, medical equipment repairer, digital risk officer, health-and-wellness educator and industrial-organizational psychologist. The information is worth considering, as the world in which we live is constantly evolving. It’s no surprise, then, that our work assignments change as well.

Personally, I chose to shift from a 27-year corporate career to become a psychic medium. And, yes, I saw it coming!

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