I Dreamed A Dream

Lately, my dreams have been vivid, textured and realistic, as if I’d been dropped into the latest high-tech video game. When I awaken, I can recap the dreams and make connections to my everyday life. That is, except for what happened Christmas Eve day. It was an entirely different experience.

No need to count sheep on the night of December 23; slumber arrived quickly. My dreams throughout that evening incorporated various people, places and activities. With no distractions, my mind and soul were fully engaged. Then, just before six a.m., came the unexpected ringing of the doorbell!

Without allowing myself to completely wake up, I jettisoned out of bed and dashed to the front door. Grabbing the knob, I felt a wave of dizziness, which ultimately spread throughout my body within seconds. As the door swung open (to reveal an early, early morning Christmas package delivery), the faintness and disorientation remained. Managing not to tumble over, I retrieved the box and placed it on the foyer’s console. Smartly, I retreated back to the mattress and waited a minute or two to regain my balance.

It then hit me what had happened: my spiritual self, or soul, was still tethered outside of my flesh and bones in other dimensions where dreams occur. That morning, my physical body didn’t wait for my collective self to be present; it sprung forth on impulse.

When I eventually opened the gift, there was another surprise: it was a size 2XL sweater.

Love and light,


The second surprise of the morning!

The second surprise of the morning!

2 thoughts on “I Dreamed A Dream

  1. steve

    two questions…1) what did you do with that sweater? 2) what do you sleep in? i want to visualize you opening that door in your underwear (or less). it’s a good thing a signature was not required. 🙂

    1. Tony Post author

      The sweater found a happy new home. And, let’s just say that it’s a good thing the delivery person had already pulled away by the time I answered the door in my daze 🙂

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