Last weekend, I turned 50. The Big 5-0! Half-a-century! Naturally, it was an ideal time to reflect on life. And, certainly a reason to celebrate. At my get-together, the toasting marked not only my latest trip around the sun, but family and friends had their own personal reasons for lifting their glasses.

Here’s what I mean: When you’ve got a built-in venue that’s bursting with positive energy, you might as well take advantage of it! Whether you’re attending a couple’s wedding, a teenager’s dance recital, a child’s first football game or, yes, a man’s 50th birthday party, soak up the positive vibes. More importantly, emit your own!

So, as I reveled in my happiness, I sensed that guests were giving their respective inspired moments (getting a good report from the doctor, advancing to a new career, making amends, starting a new romance, passing a test, returning to the social scene, etc.) their rightful due as well. The more positive energy generated, the better, I say!

And, that’s the icing on the cake!

Love and light,









12 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Beth

    Tony, thanks for the positive energy you’ve sent our way. It is truly helping us get through a tough time. Please keep sending it. Love you, VV

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey V V – the great thing about positive energy is that each of us can generate it. When combined with others, it really is something special. Love you!

  2. Kenn Cross

    The celebration spaces you chose were definitely full of energy – even before we arrived. But once we were all there – especially you – the place lit up!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Kenn – Those spaces were definitely selected for specific purposes in mind. So glad they delivered the goods. Glad you were there to enhance the setting too !

  3. Karen

    I am a true believer that positive energy creates more positive energy. As well as negative energy creates negative vibes. When my mom passed away almost two years ago I found myself trying to dig out from a very dark place. The more I focused on the pain the worse things became in all aspects of my life. Well this Spring I came face to face with a demond that I have kept secret for 30 years. I surprised myself with how strong I am. Since then I started to see myself and my life differently. I started to focus on the great things around me and about me. I am happy to say that I have had one of the best Summers of my life. I was blessed to be able to spend time with family and friends and to travel to great places. I can honestly feel a shift in the universe around me. I am noticing that with the more happiness and kindness that I spread, I am receiving that much more positive energy in my life. So to that, all I can say is let your postive light shine on and love ya!!!

    1. Tony Post author

      Karen – what a beautiful, personal story to share. I am so grateful to you for this! And, thanks for shinging your own light in the area of education. You are needed !!! Love to you!

  4. Marcus

    Happy Belated Birthday Tony! I saw some of the pics on Facebook and it looked like a wonderful celebration. Hope to see you soon.

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