Hitchcock’s The Birds made Tippi Hedren and audiences squirm. But, when I receive psychic-medium visions of winged wonders, I feel as though their souls are trying to deliver messages and even guide me. Here’s what happened last Monday.

I awoke to find a dead small bird on my patio, perhaps the result of having flown into one of the sliding glass doors. Cradling its frame of feathers in my hands, I felt compelled to talk to its soul (Hey! Welcome to my world!). Aloud, I said, “May your spirit be watched over as it continues to create light.” I repeated the thought as I laid the animal to rest.

The next day during a meditation, I received mental visions of the bird, it’s wee eyes staring intently, in what looked like an attempt to communicate with me. Within seconds, the image entered into another dimension of bright light to where animals, including horses, dogs and other birds were spiritually present. My mind stayed with this beautiful vision.

I felt like I was shown this for a reason: animals have their own Eden-like reserve where their souls are free to heal and evolve. I’m sure my late lab Bucky was there, as were all pets which have made transitions. Part of the mission of this bird’s soul was to relay a message to all of those who’ve lost pets: we are always around.

In the past, I’ve received intuitive insights from other feathered friends, to include a hummingbird, a gull, an eagle and an owl. No word yet, however, from an ostrich.

Love and light,



6 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Beth

    Goose bumps Tony! I know my dogs are there. People say we are crazy for spending so much money on our dog Bear. I tell them that dogs are much better creatures than humans—-and that is the truth! He is our Son. Would anyone let a family member suffer or would you spend whatever it takes to get them well? That’s a no-brainer. Love you Tony, V V

    1. Tony Post author

      Beth, you are right about animals and their acute instincts. They have a deep level of understanding and have a keen ability to “sense” things that many humans disregard. That unconditional love from pets is priceless too! Love you!

  2. Donna Robinson

    Tony- it was so nice to be reconnected with my high school pen pal during the holidays through your dear friend Joyce. Looks like you are fulfilling your dreams while serving others. Good for you! My Mom died just 2 wks before Joyce and I had our dinner together, so please let me know if you hear from her! (My Mom, that is!) Take care!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hi Donna…that was a very special way for us to reunite! Nothing happens by “chance.” It was meant to be. Sorry to hear of your loss. And, as far as your mother’s spirit contacting me, it would not surprise me. For example, I get messages from a client’s transitioned father at least once a month. And, the client lives in Chile.Take care and stay in touch. – Tony

  3. kenn cross

    Well, that makes sense seeing that ostriches are rumored to keep their heads below ground. Maybe you’ll have to sleep on the ground to hear from your ostrich friends. 🙂 On a side note, and hopefully related, I’ve been hearing a ton of news on animals over the past couple weeks. I guess they recently did a test with a human and a dog and two cat scans. Sorry, CAT scan – not cat scan. Just to be clear. Anyway, they had the man think of sad emotional things and at that instant, his dog (in the other CAT scan machine) had similar brain activity at that very moment – – showing his connection with his dog. My personal experience was with a friends dog that never wanted anything to do with me until I got sick with the flu. It never left my side. Connected here as well as beyond here.

    1. Tony Post author

      That’s to true about ostriches! What a special story, too, between you and your friend’s dog. Animals are so keen in connecting with our emotional and physical well-beings.

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