I still communicate with my grandfather, Papa, even though he passed away eight years ago today. I recall, he first let it be known to me, spiritually, at his funeral, that he’d still be around!

Resting in a jet black casket, papa wore a pink button-down shirt and denim overalls, for my mother and my uncle rightfully felt dressing him in a suit and tie – even to his own service – didn’t fit his personality. As the welcome music ended its final refrain, overhead lights in the chapel flickered several times! They flickered once more, almost like a message coming from above. Sitting on the front row next to my mother, I glanced over at my uncle and gave him a “Did you see that?” look!

Moments later, when the guest soloist came forth to sing Amazing Grace a cappella, more electrical interference happened; the sound system reverberated loudly before she even sang into the mic! That time, my uncle leaned inward from the pew and looked at me with a “Did you hear that?” look!

Papa was in the house! Family members were certain that my grandfather had used his spiritual energy to tamper with the power, as Papa wanted to make sure we knew he was present. After all, the gathering was for him and he wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

He probably hated that he wasn’t around to shake everyone’s hand for coming!

Love and light,


Spending time with my sister, Tracy, and our late grandfather, Papa.


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  1. Mark

    Cannot believe it has been 8 years already. You and i sat with him in his hospital room that morning from 2am until he passed. He loved life and had hundreds of friends. The line of people who came to his funeral lasted hours. I miss him greatly.

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