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“Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is an indie film whose afternoon showtime coincided better with my schedule than “The Hunger Games.” Focused on the family dynamics of a mother (beautifully played by Susan Sarandon) and her two, grown sons (Ed Helms and Jason Segel acing their roles), the movie has a sweeping undertone of acknowleding signs of the Universe. Right away, I was hooked!

When I’ve made clear my intentions that I want to attract into my life, I especially keep a keen eye (and other sensory organs too) open for people, things or events that are placed in my path. But, I don’t just pay attention to signs as they relate to what I’m wanting to manifest. The routine is essentially now part of my daily being. For example, I’m grateful when serendipity brings people into my world (in the most unconventional circumstances) who end up being friends. This has certainly been the case in the past three of four years since I’ve been more aware and embrasive of spiritual indicators.

Some of my intuitive consultation clients have confessed that they’ve often wondered why certain folks or images keep popping into their existences, but never really examined the situations deeper. Lots of times, however, breakthroughs happen. Two weeks ago, after sharing my insights with a 40-year-old male and aligning them with his aspirations and concerns, he blurted, “So, that’s why I’m always running into that real esate agent!”

Life doesn’t always showcase signs with the force of a Hollywood mega-blockbuster. They’re often subtle and gentle nudges that help steer us along our desired way. Perhaps, that’s why I opted for the small film, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” on a whim.

Or was it? I think not.

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